Dappered Dads: Decent Looking Diaper Bags for Guys

Poop maintenance, without the crappy looks.

What is Dappered Dads? It’s a new series for the style-conscious fellas who have procreated. There’s just something about a woman who refuses to mail it in post baby, even though the challenges can be immense. The same can be said for the new Dads who don’t give up on their sense of style. This series is written by Dads, for Dads, with an attempt to merge the kiddo’s needs, & the content of his closet.

The market for diaper bags that’ll appeal to dads is unsurprisingly pretty small. Sure, it’s easy to find something quilted with flowers and bright colors slapped all over it, but most guys would probably prefer to throw everything in a plastic shopping bag before being forced to carry one of those monstrosities. Fear not! There are a few options that any dad would feel proud to be seen in public with. If you’ve got a bead on another bag that doesn’t look as bad as the contents of your little one’s Pampers, do us (and other Dads) a favor, and leave it in the comments section…


OiOi Chocolate Wax Canvas Satchel Diaper Bag – $170

oi oi set brown

Looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag? An Australian company called OiOi might just have the thing for you. Their crushed waxed canvas satchel comes with all the diaper-changing necessities in a package that looks more like a piece of rustic carry-on luggage. It’s not cheap, but you seem to get what you pay for. Features include fixed stroller straps, metal feet, an insulated side pocket for a bottle, and a key fob/pacifier holder.


Skip Hop Dash Deluxe – $50.49

Skip Hop Dash Bag - DapperedDads on Dappered.com

The Skip Hop Dash Deluxe probably won’t be mistaken for anything other than a diaper bag, but it’s still a solid contender. If you pass on the louder, mommyish color combinations (cherry blossoms/uptown stripe), the black and charcoal are both solid options. It’s simple, understated, and not too big (i.e. “look at me carrying a diaper bag”). Plus it has special loops that allow you to clip it to the handlebars of a stroller. After all, the best-looking diaper bag might just be the one you never have to carry. Eleven pockets on this one. It’s also really hard to ignore the price.


Jack Spade Waxwear Dad Bag – $298

Jack Spade Waxwear Dad Bag - DapperedDads on Dappered.com

For people without a budget (or, for the pal who’s looking to go big on a baby-shower gift for his pal), the Jack Spade is worth considering. It doesn’t look like a typical diaper bag and gets the job done with sheer class. That being said, it is rather large. The description does say it has stroller clips though, so at least you can hang it from that when you’re on wheels. But it’ll be a bit bigger than most when on foot. At least you’ll look good while doing it. A new addition to the Jack Spade lineup. Might end up in the sale section one day?


Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station – $29.99

Skip Hop Pronto - DapperedDads on Dappered.com

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that just hates all diaper bags, no matter what they look like. Well then… ta-da. Skip Hop was thinking of you, too. They’ve boiled it down to the bare essentials with a changing pad, a wipes case, and a pocket for clean diapers. At $29.99 it’s also the cheapest option, assuming you already have a bag of your own to put it in. So now your favorite everyday bag can also be your favorite diaper bag.

For all of the dads out there, what’s your go-to diaper bag of choice? Or what every day bags work well for a changing station? Meanwhile, got an idea for Dappered Dads? Send those in here.

About the author: When not de-creasing shoeskeeping his closet in good shape, or changing diapers, you’ll find Roving Style Contributor Alan S. participating as an active member on Threads.