Bonobos Sale Early Access , New JCF, & More – The Thurs. Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Bonobos: Extra 30% off Sale Items w/ DAPPERED30

Bonobos Early Access Sale - part of The Thursday Handful on

Many thanks to the crew at Bonobos for sending over an email and asking if you guys would like early access to their extra 30% off summer sale. Yessir. No issue there. The code for the general public goes live on Monday, but between now and then, you can use DAPPERED30 to knock an extra 30% off items in their sale section. You’re special. We’re special. WE ARE ALL SPECIAL TOGETHER. Meanwhile, it’s now or never on the super summery stuff (like the cotton linen suit separates). We’re sniffin’ August here. By the time you get it to your tailor and back, they’ll be playing the HOF Game. But there will be beer!


JCF: New Arrivals + 20% off $100+ w/ SHOPMORE

New JCF Blazers - part of The Thursday Handful on

Looks like their new Thompson suiting options (pinstripe too) are backordered by a few weeks? So, new arrivals that have yet to… arrive? Really wish they’d stop buttoning both buttons on the jackets in their photos. The unconstructed cotton sportcoat says it’s lined, but is that true? Would be great if it was only half lined or something. Meanwhile, the wool blend herringbone sportcoats are back for another run. Their new 20% off $100+ code SHOPMORE expires on Sunday, 7/27. That’s fine, but the new stuff should drop in price further with friendlier codes.


Allen Edmonds: Extra 15% – 40% off Factory Closeouts

AE Extra 15-40% off 2nds - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks (links go to reviews): Neumora Double Monk in Black – $159, Hanover Wholecut in Bourbon – $159, Kenilworth Derby in Brown – $179, Fifth Street Boot – $199

Even the outlets are running summer clearances. To see which  models are getting the extra 15% – 40% off cut, just plug in your size & width, then choose “Closeout Styles” in the status field. These are 2nds quality (more over here) so know you’re taking a bit of a gamble if ordering over the phone. Selection & styles available will vary depending on size/width, but it’s not a bad time to take a spy at what’s available. NOTE: Links above go to the individual reviews of those shoes, since availability varies by size & width. You’ll have to dig around on the Shoebank site to find what’s available for you.

UPDATE: Thanks to Merrick M. for sending in a style tip about how AE Factory outlets could very well launch their latest 2 for $299 closeout models sale next Thursday.


UNIQLO: “Revamped” Oxford Cloth Button Downs

UNIQLO Updated Oxford - part of The Thursday Handful on

“We’ve revamped our oxford shirt by giving it a slimmer shape, and balanced the size of the collar and cuffs for a more modern look.” – UNIQLO

Big thanks to Andrew L. for sending in the style tip on this one. Not a sale, but UNIQLO will put their extremely well liked OCBDs on sale from time to time… and now they’ve changed them? Could be good, could be… not so good. And what does “balanced the size of the collar & cuffs” mean? The collar looks more substantial. Standby for an in-person. But, just a heads up, that UNIQLO is messing around with their OCBDs.


Rue La La: Men’s Suiting Trunk Show

Rue La La Suiting - part of The Thursday Handful on

The Picks: Brooks Brothers Regent Fit Striped Suit in Navy – $499.90 or Regent Fit Striped Suit in Charcoal – $479.90 ($998)

They’re a flash-sale site, so you’ll have to hand over an email address (if you’re not already signed up), but Rue La La honestly is one of the better flash-sale sites out there. Made in the USA BB Suits now down to Suitsupply level prices. Styles & sizes can go awfully quick though, and the vast majority of these things are the fuller Madison cut.


BONUS  Orient: Retro Bambino w/ cream dial Back in Stock

New Bambinos

The (obvious) pick: Bambino Automatic FER2400CN0 – $182.00 w/ newbambino ($260)

Big thanks to Ted P. in the comments for the tip. They don’t have the  white dial version back in stock as of post time, but the cream w/ blue hands is back. Plus, the standard 30% off codes (like the longstanding dappered30) that are floating out there seem to work too, as does the newbambino code.

UPDATE: Looks like the white dial/rose gold option is also back in stock. Thanks to Philip L. for the tip.

Also worth a mention