The Suggestion: A Summer Suit… in navy or blue

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The Summer Luxury: A Dark Blue Linen or Cotton Suit

A warm weather suit in a dark material seems sorta counterproductive. Why make a suit out of a summery material like linen or cotton, yet have the fabric be in a light absorbing, heat radiating darker hue? Because the sun goes down. Because darker shades hide the wrinkles (and the shadows they cause) better. Because most of us spend our time moving from air conditioned car, to building, to car, and then maybe hit a patio as the sun is setting. And because khaki can get a little boring.

No doubt, these things are a luxury, and not as versatile as a pale grey or khaki colored summer suit. But that doesn’t mean they can’t find a place. Picks below are cotton, linen, or a blend of the two… but it’s always good to remember that a tropical wool will feel just as breezy.


Michael Kors Trim Fit Stretch Cotton Suit- $264.95 ($395)

Michael Kors Suit on

Sharp. 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Doesn’t look like a bulky, stiff chino, but instead a mid-weight polished cotton (that’s a guess though). A call to Nordstrom customer service revealed that it is fully lined, but the rep didn’t know quite what it was lined in. Ships and returns free.


J. Crew Factory Thompson Suit Jacket & Pant in Cotton Pique – $206.00

Factory Cotton Pique on

Excluded from most (all?) codes now, but this one is marked pretty far down as it is, and almost all sizes in the jacket & pant are available at post time. Nice texture to the lightweight fabric. It is fully lined, but at least it’s lined in acetate instead of cheap polyester. Non functioning sleeve buttons make tailoring a breeze. Pics above are of last year’s model, but it doesn’t look like it’s changed at all. Full review here.


Bonobos Foundation Navy Seersucker Jacket & Pant in Standard – $320.00 ($400)

Bonobos navy seersucker on

And these were just on sale for 20% off too, so some patience might pay off with them. Fully lined, but it’s in Bemberg. Also available in slim, but know that their slim jackets have even shorter tails… gettin’ close to chopped.


J. Crew Ludlow in Delave Italian Linen – $546

jcrew linen suit on

Seems like it could be destined for the sale section, so keep an eye on it. Fabric is washed and dyed in order to give it a slightly faded look. Really wish they would have brought back the Irish Linen in Deep Indigo from last year (as pictured at the very top of the post). Great suit, great fabric, and super-saturated deep navy that looks great during the day or at night.


Massimo Dutti Linen Suit Jacket & Pant – $343.50

Massimo Dutti linen suit in navy on

Two things: those buttons are not quiet… and… best to wait for a sale. Zara & Massimo Dutti don’t run many sales, but their summer sale should be coming up in the next week or two.


Suitsupply Napoli Linen-Wool Check – $469.00

Suitsupply napoli check blue on

Not a dark navy, but more of a true blue with a pattern to it. Linen/Wool from Italy. Half canvas. Cut in their timeless Napoli silhouette.


The “would you wear it?” hyper relaxed option: Zara – $159.80

zara hyper relaxed suit on

That’s… pretty fashion forward. Looks like something to be worn in the tropics. Super skinny lapels. And… a drawstring at the waist? This is like Suitjamas for summer. First reaction was a recoil + “yikes”. But, on second glance, I think a few guys (especially the super trim) could pull this off for an outdoor party. Just… well, one of those guys is not typing the words which you are reading right now.


Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Fit – $698

BB Fitzgerald Fit on

A total classic. The opposite of the Zara. Yes, way expensive. But these were recently just on sale for 30% off, and it dipped em’ into Suitsupply territory. Worth keeping an eye on if you prefer higher quality suits.

Got any leads on other navy or blue summer fabric suits? Is it something you’ve ever considered, or even picked up? Do you find yourself wearing it often?