The Monday Sales Tripod – Strands, Suits, & Sun

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The Thur/Fri Handfuls are great, but what if Monday rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait til the weekend? You’ll find three of the best (one for each leg), with three picks from each, to start the week below. Expect these with zero regularity. Note: The Sales Tripod’s mascot is Captain Cookster, the three legged tabby seen above. Proving that yet again, in the most unlikely ways, cats continue to dominate the internet.

The Legs: 

  1. Allen Edmonds Factory Outlets: Extra 15 – 30% off 2nds (Exp 5/26)

  2. Urban Outfitters: $15 off $75, $50 off $150. (No code needed. Exp. today)

  3. J. Crew: 25% off select styles w/ SOGOOD. (Expires Thurs. 5/15/14)


Allen Edmonds: Brooks Bros. 5th Ave 2nds – $169.15

Brooks fifths seconds - part of the The Monday Sales Tripod on

Like all other Factory 2nds sales… if you’re doing this over the phone/email instead of in person at an outlet, it can be a bit of a guessing game / crap shoot (more over here). That said, if you’re willing to take a bit of a risk and jump through a hoop or two (like, making an actual phone call) you could end up with some incredible deals. $170 for a pair of timeless American Made cap toe oxofrds? Sure thing. Here’s the website where you can search the AE Factory inventory. Good luck!


Allen Edmonds: Brooks Bros. Strand 2nds – $169.15

AE BB Strands 2nds - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Looks like AE is serious about moving their made for Brooks Brothers shoes during this sale. In the past, the insole has been different on the Brothers models, with a thicker, more heavily padded option on the BB group. 


Allen Edmonds: Hanover Wholecuts in Bourbon or Black – $159

AE Hanovers - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Full review over here. It’s a whole cut, and they seem to run perhaps a half size large, so know that going in. Also available in black. Built on the slight chisel toe 333 last.


U.O.: Sunpocket SPII Dark Tortoise Folding Sunglasses – $80 ($95)

Sunpockets - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Sunpocket… Sunpocket.  Heard that name before haven’t we… yep, that’s right, they were in a Bespoke Post box many moons ago. Look, you’re paying for the convenience of being able to fold up your sunglasses (a highly valuable option for many of us). But overall quality? Well… the shape is nice, and the blue lenses are slick too… but the frames and construction in that pair tried out two years ago just weren’t that impressive. So know that going in. Logo on the left temple too.


U.O.: Red Wing Lug or Classic Round Toe – $200 -$210 ($250 – $260)

UO Redwings - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Not exactly boot season is it. But $50 off on a pair of classics like these two isn’t anything to sneeze at (even if we’re in allergy… not wood splitting season). Sizes are starting to get limited on the lug sole option.


U.O.: Daniel Wellington “Glasgow” – $145 ($195) | Timex Boxed Diver – $105 ($140)

UO watches - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Clean and simple with the DW, or, 70’s influenced and sporty with the Timex. Timex comes with two other straps, a mineral crystal, and what sure appears to be a rotating bezel. Oh, and for it being a “diver”?  Water resistance is 30m. So, yeah, not a diver.


J. Crew: Sportcoat in Glen Plaid Italian Linen – $291 w/ SOGOOD ($388)

Italian Linen Blazer - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Well hang on now… the final price on this blazer has been moving around a bit since the sale launched Saturday. It was already marked down on Saturday pre-code (down to the mid $300s if memory serves) and the extra 25% off dropped it to the mid $200s. That’s wheelhouse range for plenty. Now it’s no longer discounted pre-code, so the SOGOOD code drops it to a still hefty $291. Might be worth hanging on for a bit longer on this one. But, if you want it now, you’ll end up with a partially constructed, half-lined linen sportcoat in a deep navy that along with the pattern will help hide those inevitable wrinkles a bit better. That price though. Eegads. 


J. Crew: Goodyear Welted Kenton Suede Bucks – $148.50 w/ SOGOOD ($198)

J.Crew Kenton Bucks - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Classic spring/summer style, Goodyear Welted, and has a slightly trimmer profile than most other clunky bucks. A measly $1.50 away from their $150 free shipping threshold. $5 flat rate shipping if you don’t want to pick up something cheap to tip it.


J. Crew: Italian Linen Cotton Suit – $409.50 ($546)

Ludlow Linen Cotton Suit - part of The Monday Sales Tripod on

Yes, they’ve included a few (but just a few) of their summer Ludlows in this sale. Not a screamin’ deal, but plenty timely. Cotton & linen get woven together to make this slightly marled, spring & summer ready fabric. Made in a sleek grey as well as the more traditional “light walnut” shade. Good news for the bigger-legged dudes among us… they’ve made the matching suit pants in both their slim as well as regular fit. So if the J. Crew slims feel like they’re gonna burst at the thighs or tear at the calves, you’re in luck with the slightly roomier, yet not relaxed, “classic” regular fit.

Also on the radar to start the week:  The Brooks Brothers Friends & Family 25% off code FF25 expires today. FormFunctionForm has put all of their Timex watches on sale for 20 – 25% off. While not on sale, Suitsupply has just put up some new spring/summer arrivals on their site. Saks off 5th is taking an extra 40-50% off sitewide.