Win it: The Orient Explorer Automatic

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Orient Explorer Automatic White/Silver Dial Dual Time – $500.50*

You can use the 30% off code Dappered30 to get this 30% off price, plus Orient’s freebie package. There are more than a few 30% off codes floating out there, but that seems to be where they top out.

Despite the fact that classic watches lean more simple and plain, the Orient Explorer Automatic line still looks old. In a good way. Not in some dusty/crusty way, but instead like some sort of complicated vintage instrument that an early 20th-century mogul of industry would have worn on his wrist.

Orient Explorer Silver DialComplicated, busy, and extremely wearable.

With all the dials, numbers, and assorted gadgets, it’s craps-table busy. But just like craps, it’s actually pretty simple once you get used to looking at it.

Powered by an in-house Orient automatic movement, the Explorer is able to track time in two separate time zones. Instead of an extra GMT hand, there’s a 24-hour cut-out window between 8:30 and 10:30. The subdial at noon is the power reserve (always handy to have a gas gauge on an automatic). The subdial at six is the date indicator. A slide-rule rings the outside and is operated by the crown at four.

Orient Auto dial textureNot a stark, flat-white face, but instead light silver with some texture

And that’s “it”. A lot going on at first glance, and plenty for the movement to do, but it’s really quite easy to tell the time, date, and how much power is left in reserve at a quick glance.

44.5 mm in diameter but it wears a bit smaller. It’s really a dress watch, despite the complicated look, and it goes extremely well with suits of all kinds. Available in a black dial or the silver/white dial seen here. The silver/white is really, truly silver (instead of a paper-printer white) but it’s an extremely light silver or grey. The texture to that silver is a welcome nice touch and gives the face some depth.

Orient Explorer Dial LargeDual time to the left, power reserve up top, date down below.

Hackable, has a nicely domed caseback with an exhibition window, and the crystal is sapphire. One drawback though… you can’t wind it by hand via the crown. A small price to pay for a watch that’ll otherwise draw some discreet stares and probably a question or two. The Orient Mako might be their flagship, but the Explorer is the sleek black luxury ride that gets taken out on the real special nights.

Enter here to win this Orient Explorer Silver Dial. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 4/2/14. Thanks once again to Orient for providing the watch. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris L. who won the random drawing for the Orient Explorer seen above. Thanks once again to Orient providing the fantastic watch!