In Review: Bonobos Travel Jeans

Made in the USA, on sale, & crazy comfortable.

Bonobos “Southside Steel” Travel Jeans in Straight or Slim – $62.40 w/ SALEAWAY

Bonobos might have built their business on the butts of their washed chinos, but it’s their more substantial travel jeans that keep many of us coming back to scour their sale section.

They’re mid-weight jeans that have the fit Bonobos is famous for, they’re made in the USA, and they seem to hit the sale section in a variety of colors with some consistency. For $60 – $80 (on sale with codes) they’re noticeably more expensive than Levi’s, but the fit, feel, and flexibility of these things is pretty incredible.

A Review of Bonobos Travel Jeans on Dappered.comThe Travel Jeans in their Straight Fit. Size shown: 32×30

Cut from 10.5 oz Cone denim, they’re not super lightweight like oxford cloth pants or summer weight chinos, but they’re softer than your average pair of jeans. The 1% of “stretch” (spandex) in the fabric goes a long way. (Maybe that’s what accounts for the very, very slight slub-like texture in the weave?) Despite feeling like they can take a beating, they don’t fight against you.

Bonobos Travel Jeans Fit 360 - reviewed on Dappered.comThe Straight Fits feel somewhere between a 514 and a 505.
Good for guys with some extra weight on their legs.

The straight fits are neither too wide through the leg nor constricting on the calf, but for those who prefer a closer fit, they do make them in slim as well. Rise is neither super low or navel slicing high. Waist seems to be a little generous in circumference. Construction feels extremely good, and the hardware is heavy duty & solid.

Bonobos travel jeans closeMade in the USA from Cone Mills denim. ‘Murica!

This particular shade of grey is pretty much a go-to for plenty of us this time of year. It looks a little cleaner than a standard khaki in bright sun, and even though they’re denim/5 pockets, this lighter dove-grey can be dressed up a bit. It pairs perfectly with navy polos & blazers, or whites on days it gets unusually hot. Sneakers and t-shirts do just fine here too.

Currently on sale and the extra 20% off code SALEAWAY (expires 5/1) dips them down into the attainable realm for most. Sure, you could probably get a pair of similar 5 pockets from Banana Republic for less if you catch a good code (those have been my personal go-to grey & off-white 5 pockets for the last couple of years), but they’re just not going to be quite as good. And if you end up disagreeing? It’s Bonobos, so you can always ship them back for free.

Flexible Bonobos Travel Jeans on Dappered.comNot Exactly The Muscles from Brussels
Polo by UNIQLO (last year), shoes by Zara.