J. Crew 25% off Site Wide (w/ exclusions of course)

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HEYSPRING = 25% off at J. Crew + Free Shipping No Min 

Free shipping no min through today. Deal gets elevated to 30% off if you’ve got a J. Crew Card and use the code CARDLOVE. Meanwhile, J. Crew Factory is running a solid deal today as well. More on that at the end of the post.

Been a bit since J. Crew ran a 25% off almost everything sale. But that “almost” is a big one. No suits, no men’s shoes, and a few other exclusions. But sportcoats are in play, and they’re throwing in free shipping, no min, through today 3/19. So if you’ve been looking at something, even small, now might be the day to jump on it with the code HEYSPRING.

It honestly feels like it’s been a pretty slow few months for new arrivals (J. Crew & otherwise). Maybe it was the multiple Polar Vortexes (vortexi?), or for J. Crew, maybe it was the talks with UNIQLO’s parent company about a sale (those talks are dead now). Whatever the reasons, it now feels like things are picking up a bit. But it’s just a bit. A few new arrivals are found below, and as always, only items with a decent size selection at post time have been picked.


Ludlow Partially Constructed blazer in Italian Cotton – $171 ($228)

J Crew Brushed Cotton Ludlow Sportcoat

Hey now. Got one on the way for the upcoming “best blazers of the spring/summer” rundown. Has major potential. More casual patch pockets, Italian “brushed” cotton chino, and available in a brighter-than-navy, medium-blue that seems to perhaps avoid the shine of some other competing blazers in this shade. Wondering if that brushed-factor is gonna help it stand out, in a good way, from the sea of standard chino sportcoats?


OCBD Pop Over – $48.38 ($64.50)

JCREW OCBD popover

Still expensive, even with the 25% off, but at least it ships free today. For those who like polos plenty, but don’t like the fly away collars. Here’s an option. It’s basically a short sleeve OCBD cut in a polo like “pop-over” style.


Leather & Cotton Web Stripe Belt – $29.63 ($39.50)

web and leather belt

A striped spring/summer belt that you could even wear in the dead of winter. Perfect shade of green for that. Leather front helps as well. Made in the USA.


Bower Slim In Chambray Dot – $73.50 ($98)

Chambray Dot Pants

A lightweight work pant with a bit of personality. Feel free to wear them on the weekends with a sharp polo out to lunch.


Abingdon Laptop Bag – $73.50 ($98)


For the guy that one day is gonna get himself a Filson original, but for now needs to put that $ towards something else. The less fortunate man’s rugged looking but still style-forward briefcase. Waxed canvas with leather accents. Ships free today too.


Ludlow Unconstructed Blazer in Mini-Houndstooth Cotton – $163.50 ($218)

unconstructed cotton

Not available in exact chest sizes , but instead S, M, L, etc. So that means some tailoring will be a must for most. Has the potential to be the go-to spring/summer blazer for many. Unconstructed is a major plus.


Ludlow Unconstructed Sportcoat in Microstripe Cotton – $141 ($188)

Microstripe blazer

The era of the “going out shirt” might be over, but is there such a thing as a “going out” sportcoat? If there is, it’s probably this one. Dark, vertical stripes… OH MY GOD IT IS A G.O.S. SPORTCOAT.


6.5″ Tab Oxford Swim Trunks – $52.13 ($69.50)

Oxford Swim Trunks

It is oddly hard to find a pair of decent swim trunks for cheap. These sure appear to be decent, and have many of the qualities plenty of us look for (mesh liner, shorter but not tiny legs, no diaper-like elastic waist band), but they still aren’t cheap. But… a pair of swim trunks, in an odd way, is sorta like a good coat. Once you got a good one, you wear that one quite a bit. It’s not like sweaters or shirts where you’ve got more than a couple. Most of us have just one swimsuit.


J. Crew Irish Linen Sportcoat – $171.00 ($225)

J. Crew Linen Sportcoat

It’s back! And… this time they’re cutting it in more exact chest sizes. Last year it was a S, M, L, etc… sportcoat. Took some tailoring and it’s still a little relaxed in fit. Quite casual.


Stripe Webbing Plaque Belt – $29.66 ($39.50)

Striped summer belt

The ship beneath you is not a toy and sailing is not a game.” – The Dude (sorta).  

Well if it’s that serious, maybe us landlubbers should just wrap something nautical in style around our waist. Like this belt. Skip the Spinnaker line. Brass buckle. Made in the USA.


BONUS:  STOCKUP = 25% off $125+ at JCF

Factory Thompson Seersucker Jacket & Pant – $139.51 ($266) w/ STOCKUP

JCF Seersucker Thompson

So here’s how this works. New Arrivals are 30% off, and you seem to be able to buy something even if you’re not a member of the “Factory First” email club. If you spend over $125 you can use the code STOCKUP to knock an additional 25% off that. JCF just got a new pair of Thompson suit separates in in seersucker (points for the navy… nice). Both the traditional striped jacket/pant combo, as well as the “yes I know it’s a dark colored seersucker and that seems oxymoronic but it looks pretty darn cool if I say so myself” navy pair drop to under 140.

Looks like this 25% off code HEYSPRING ends Tuesday 3/25. Many thanks to Jeremy and others for sending in the Style Tip about how UNIQLO’s Fast Retailing and J. Crew are no longer in talks for a sale.