In Review: The Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet

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Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet: $49.00 | $79.00 | $149.00

Pricing is $49 for a standard cowhide, $79 for a Premium Horween Dublin (same oil & conditioning recipe as Horween Cordovan, only on cowhide) or Horween Chromexel, and $149 for Horween Shell Cordovan. Model shown in this post is the $79 Horween Chromexel in Burgundy. All options are available without the logo. Made in Milwaukee WI.

Billfold. Trifold. Vertical Billfolds. Card case & money clip. Card case with a money clip glued/sewn to one side. Just when you thought the world had exhausted the well of wallet designs, you stumble across this. And you might wonder how you ever got along without it.

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The Milwaukee WI based Mitchell Leather Company has been making these things for years, but the design seems to be something you’re probably not going to find often, if anywhere else.

It combines a slim card case with an internal wire money clip that depends on tension, not magnets to keep your cash secure. The design of the clip also allows you to remove one bill at a time, from anywhere in the stack. Here’s a video from Mitchell Leather demonstrating the functionality of their design. Sure seems to beat a magnetic money clip in terms of staying organized:

Video via Mitchell Leather.

Pretty darn genius. With four slots for cards (it can hold plenty more in each slot if you’re a card hoarder) you get the benefits of a slim card case, but you’re not walking out of the house without your money clip on you. Or, you don’t have a clip stuck to the outside of a card case holding cash, but getting hung up inside your jacket or pants pocket. These are flat, smooth, and the materials they use to make them are incredible.

Mitchell interior on Dappered.comThe tension clip, minus the cash

Mitchell Leather has been making goods in Milwaukee since 1968, and quality materials seem to be a priority to them. They’re sourcing from Horween for their $79 and up money clip wallets, while the $49 price point gets you a standard, yet still good looking-from-here cowhide. The wallet seen in this post is the Horween Chromexel in Burgundy, and it’s smooth and soft right out of the box. The stitching is precise, the cuts for the card slots are clean… the thing even smells good.

Mitchell interior - the review on Dappered.comLet’s go make it rain! Okay… drizzle.

Measurements are 4.125″ by 3″ and it fits easily inside a suit jacket/blazer’s inside pocket, or, in your back pocket. It’s not as small as some card cases get, but it’s very manageable. Plus, that super-soft leather flexes easily and doesn’t fight against you.

Mitchell slim wallet - the review on Dappered.comSlim. Gets slimmer as it breaks in and will eventually sit flat.

Available with or without the diplomatic-looking, I may have just come from an embassy logo (as someone who normally dislikes logos, this one is terrific… happy to have it on my personal wallet).

Shell Cordovan is an option at $149 and available in two shades. Horween Chromexcel is $79 and available in four shades, including the just-enough-red burgundy option. In some light it looks brown, in most light it has plenty of red tones. “Premium Horween Dublin“, which is the same wax/oil formula they use on cordovan but applied to cowhide, is also $79. Shipping is an extra $6, and despite each piece being made to order, it took only a couple days for them to ship this wallet out. 

Big thanks to contributor Ben for the style tip on this wallet & Mitchell Leather.

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