Bonobos codes, a $140 summer suit, & More – The Thurs. Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend, or sometimes, a bit earlier. Might not be some massive once a year event, but still worth a look. Those are what make up these handfuls. Expect these things when necessary. Five of the better sales, one for each finger, are below. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Bonobos: Tiered Multi-Code Sale

Bonobos Tiered Sale

The Picks: “North Bay Blues” Travel Jeans in Straight or Slim – $68 ($98), Washed Chino Blazer in Olive or Stone – $68 ($198), The Shamus Trench in Khaki or Navy – $118 ($298)

Stuck to the sale section for those ^ picks, but at post time there was a decent size selection in all of em’. Can’t speak highly enough of the travel jeans, although they seem to run a little generous in the waist (super-duper-damn comfy though). Lots of tiers here, and they get steep quick. Here they be:

  • ITSGOOD ($10 off 75+)
  • HEATINGUP ($25 off $150+)
  • ONFIRE ($50 off $250+)
  • ALLNET ($125 off $500+)
  • BUCKETS ($200 off $750+)
  • SWISH ($300 off $1,000+)
  • SHOOTER ($400 off $1,250+)
  • COUNTIT ($525 off $1,500+)

(Yes, there are three tiers for purchases of a grand or up. Whoa.)


Urban Outfitters: 25% off all shoes

red wing UO poop kicker

We’re just about out of boot season for most of the northern hemisphere… but man… those Red Wings with the toothy sole. Wow. Nice grain to the leather too. Made in the USA of course. No code necessary. Discount shows up in your cart.


Amazon: Hilfiger Suits for $193

Hilfiger Suit Sale at Amazon

Many thanks to Lee T for catching this daily “gold box deal” on Amazon. Hilfiger suits, while decent quality for fused and don’t have a chopped jacket tail, tend to have pretty strong shoulder pads (felt up a Hilfiger suit in Macy’s last week and their pads are still pretty thick). That said, at $193 and sold direct by Amazon, that’s not half bad. Macy’s usually has these around the mid to high $200s with sales and codes. Construction feels solid and the wools aren’t flimsy or scratchy. Pretty sure these are a 6″ drop, so subtract 6 from the jacket size to get the off the rack pant waist size. Legs will have to be hemmed.


H&M: New Additions to Spring Sale

HandM Spring Sale

The Picks: Cotton Rib Knit Shawl Collar – $20 ($39.95), Leather Boots – $65 ($99)

Uh. Tennis anyone? What about watching tennis from the couch. The French Open and Wimbledon are coming up. Like in May. And June. Gotta wonder about the quality of those boots, but for $65? Perhaps April-Showers beaters?


J. Crew Factory: 20% off $125+ w/ STOCKUP

Factory Oxford Suit

The Pick: Thompson Suit Jacket Pant in Grey Oxford Cloth – $138.00 ($296)

Well that seems like a silly good price. Word is the jacket might be fully lined (UPDATE: It is, with acetate), but their blazers have a tendency to be lined in acetate, which unlike poly, breathes a bit. Plus that jacket and pants can probably be broken up and used on their own in a million different ways. Thinking suede shoes, a white OCBD, jeans, and that jacket the first time it cracks 65. Many thanks to Zach for sending in the style tip on how the Oxford Thompson dipped, dramatically, and the extra 20% off $125 code made it extra nice.


BONUS: Ledbury: 25% off Accessories w/ DETAILSMATTER

Ledbury monroe with box

The Groom or Grad Gift: USA made ‘Monroe’ Mother of Pearl Cufflinks – $123.75 ($165)

For those looking to splurge and gift a potential heirloom, these sterling silver and MoP cufflinks might do the trick. Hand made in a small workshop in Virginia. Hand carved cedar box. More on the maker here.

Also worth a mention