10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – US Made Money Clips, Polos, & a Vermeer?

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Seventy Five dollars. That’s a lot of money. It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym. Seventy Five dollars. It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right. Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.


1. Mitchell Money Clip Wallet – $49 – $139

Mitchell Leather Wallet on Dappered.com

Check out the video  that shows off the functionality of the internal money clip. It allows you to easily pull out one bill from a stack, as well as insert a single bill just as easily. It’s simplicity and genius at the same time. Slots for cards as well. Available with or without the logo, but it’s awfully well done and it represents a company started by immigrants who fled communist Romania in the 1960s. Starting at $49, and going up to $139 for Shell Cordovan. Lots of different Shades & types of leathers to pick from, including the can’t-miss cognac Horween Dublin. Made in Milwaukee Wisconsin since 1968. Many thanks to contributor Ben for the tip on this one.


2. J. Crew Factory Bedford in Chambray – $44.50 ($74.50)

JCF Chambray Pants on Dappered.com

Should come down further in price with sales. J. Crew Factory’s website hasn’t always been true to real life when it comes to the colors of their goods, so these might be a bit of a risk. But if they DO really have a blue-grey look to them in real life, then they’d make a nicely versatile (but not boring chino) cotton pant for the spring & summer. Wear em’ with a navy cotton or linen blazer, or a clean (not bulky pique) polo. Ships free with the today-only free shipping no min. code HAPPYDAY.


3. One of these: Zara Oxfords – $139.00 (for the pair)

Zara Oxfords on Dappered.com

Whoa. A little different, but there’s potential here. Got a feeling that these are going to be excellent, or awful.  True oxford style lacing, perforating at the cap toe, and a slight dip in that sweep along the side. Should look kinda slick with grey trousers. Leather sole. Got a pair on the way for an in-person.


4. James Brown “The Payback” – $1.29

The value to groove ratio on this song is one of the best in existence. Especially if you’re purchasing it on a jukebox. Used to frequent a place with this song on the jukebox, and at 7:39 in length, you get a lot of value for the money.


5. The Brooklyn Cocktail – (prices will vary)

Brooklyn Cocktail on Dappered.com

From our official bartender: “The Brooklyn is essentially a 19th century-style Manhattan subbing dry vermouth for sweet and calling for a specific brand of bitters. Light, herbal and a little bit floral with a boozy backbone, it’s the ideal cocktail for March—equal parts lion and lamb.” Well, it’s not quite March yet. but we’re getting there. Here’s how to make it.


6. Old Navy Slim Fit Twill 5-Pockets – $20.96 w/ DEAL

Old Navy Slim Fit Five Pockets on Dappered.com

Old Navy’s standard sizing is awfully generous, but when they make slim-fit stuff, it usually does fit decently trim. Not sold in stores yet. Made in a bunch of different not-so-predictable, but not crazy wild colors. Big fan of that reddish/clay shade “Cinnamonster”. Is that like Cookie Monster’s cousin who keeps doing this? Code DEAL is good for 30% off through today, 2/17.


7. UNIQLO Dress Shirt Collar Polos – $22.90 (& a button down collar return?)

UNIQLO Polos on Dappered.com

Yo UNIQLO. Nice work with the dress-shirt style collars on your Dry-Fabric polos, but that image of the Button Down collar option on your site (scroll down, right side), is a bit of a tease. See, those are out of stock, and the button down collar dry-fit polos from last year are/were fantastic. Fit was spot on, the fabric really was decent about being breathable, and a button down collar = no curl, no fly away. Just great looking all day long.


8. Tickets to “Tim’s Vermeer”

The Monuments Men is getting lots of publicity, but there’s another movie with art-themes that might knock the latest Clooney flick out of the water. Directed by Teller (of Penn &…), this is the story of a non-painter trying to replicate the talent of Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer’s works are outrageously realistic, and there are theories that Vermeer was part painter, part mechanical-tinkerer-genius. “Tim” puts those theories to the test by attempting to replicate Vermeer’s supposed strategy, with excruciating detail. Well reviewed. Not the widest release just yet, but it’s starting to move across the country. Maybe something to keep in the back of your mind for Netflix later on.


9. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier – $26.00 

Murad Mattifier

A year later, and there’s still a good amount left in the 1.7 oz tube. Perfect to keep on hand in your desk at work, or in the bathroom for de-greasing your forehead before heading out on the town. It’s not cheap, but this high-end mattifier works extremely well, has little to no smell, and isn’t watery when you apply it. Quick to absorb and does the job.


10. Merona Estes Boot in Brown Leather – $49.99

Target Estes Chukka on Dappered.com

Can’t imagine they’d hold up as well as the Stafford Camlin, but Target’s leather chukka is something else for the price tag. The leather looks and feels like much higher quality stuff than you’d normally find on a $50 (or plenty of $100) shoes. They’re lined in some sort of textile, but the exterior uppers are soft, pliable, and have a fantastic natural(?) marbling look to them. Made in China, and true to size. Great looking beaters.

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