Quick Picks: Ralph Lauren Extra 40% off Sale

Dropping in and dodging logos.

SNOW14 = An Extra 40% off Select Styles at Ralph Lauren

First things first. … ^  That dog smokin’ a pipe? Forget the hat for a second. Dogs wear hats. Dogs wear ties. Dog smokin’ a pipe? That’s something.

Many of you guys don’t like logos on your clothes. Understandable. and Ralph Lauren has a tendency to put their iconic pony man all over their stuff. Also understandable. Know that avoiding the pony man has been taken into consideration with these quick picks. Lots of shoes & accessories then. Remember to use SNOW14 at checkout for the discount. Code expires 1/15.


Suede Norbeck Wingtip – $59.99 ($185)

RL Suede Wingers on Dappered.com

Beefy. Everything. Lugged sole, reinforced eyelets… Some suede, casual shoes for the next few months (yes, suede + snow/slush = not ideal… but they’re sixty bucks).


Long-Sleeved Waffle Crewneck – $35.99 ($98.99)

RL Pocket Thermals on Dappered.com

Almost a hundred bucks full retail? That seems… aggressive. Now around $35. For the guys who like to wear thermals on the weekend, but don’t really like henleys all that much. Pocket at the chest makes it just different enough.


Newent Burnished Leather Boot – $83.99 ($225)

Polo Jodhpur on Dappered.com

RL’s now extra-affordable Jodhpur boot. Black or brown leather with what sure appears to be a stitched leather sole.


Newent Leather Chelsea Boot – $83.99 ($198)

RL Chelsea on Dappered.com

Meanwhile… the Chelseas. Sure appears to be the same silhouette with the elastic gore sides. A note about the shape: they’re not the slimmest. So, these are gonna lean a little more casual. Also available in black.


Wading Sport Coat – $101.99 ($295)

RL Wading Sportcoat on Dappered.com

For the blazer addicts out there who don’t like spring’s shorter, more casual jackets. This solves the problem. More jacket than blazer (it’s a cotton/poly/nylon blend), this thing sits and fits like a sportcoat, but has the feel of a field jacket. Sold in exact chest sizes, with said sizes getting pretty scarce.


Suede Stratford Loafer – $179.99 ($495)

RL Suede Stratford Loafers on Dappered.com

Just for your diversification. From the much more expensive shoe lines. Made in Italy. Rounded toe. Perfect looking gold/brass-tone buckle. Hand-rubbed suede by Bacchus. Probably not that last part, but, you get the idea.


Buffalo Plaid Shaving Kit – $41.99 ($145)

RL buffalo dopp kit on Dappered.com

Classic red and black check wool with leather accents. 12″ long.


Slaton Suede Cap-Toe Shoe – $179.99 ($495)

RL Slaton Suede Cap-Toes on Dappered.com

Oooh. Those are something. Not cheap, but they’re something. Snuff Suede quarter brogues with perforations that sweep down the sides. Made in the USA.


Nubuck Texting Gloves – $29.99 ($78) | Card Case – $19.79 ($50)

RL Gloves & Card Case on Dappered.com

Couple of no-nonsense accessories. The Texting gloves have a 70% wool / 30% poly knit palm, so know they’re not nubuck all the way around. Card case does have a logo, but at least it’s a tonal stamp.


Custom Fit Rugby – $29.99 ($98)

RL custom fit rugby on Dappered.com

Yes, the pony man is very visible on these things. But the RL Custom fit is a true slim fit, and these rugby shirts are super comfortable. A nice upgrade from the ol’ collegiate hoodie on the weekends.

The Ralph Lauren Extra 40% off Select Styles Code SNOW14 expires today, 1/15/14.