12 Days of Dappered #11 – Non-Cheesy Cuff links

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It’ll be here before you know it. Our annual 12 days of Dappered gift guide covers one item/idea each week-day for the next dozen days. All will be reasonably affordable, and at the same time they should (hopefully) appeal to someone who might drop on by this corner of the internet. So if you’re looking for ideas on what to give a decently dressed (yet budget conscious) fellow, or, if you’ve got friends/family struggling for ideas on what to get someone (you) who’s hard to buy for, check back in as this year’s 12 Days churns on. You’ll also find the growing archive here.

Unfortunately, the majority of cuff links produced rate high on the cheesy scale. Like, matching necktie + pocket square boxed set cheesy. Meanwhile, plenty of others are just plain goofy. Those that fall into the novelty category almost always prevent you from being taken seriously. While I would love to grab a drink in Ten-Forward, these won’t be getting you Seven of Nine’s communicator digits. And yes, that was a story-line continuity dumpster fire. No sense can come of it. I blame Q. When nothing makes sense, just blame Q. Right. Cufflinks. On with it…


Knot Cufflinks – $9.99$20.00

knot cufflinks on Dappered.com

Hugely versatile and something you’ll find yourself wearing in the summer months. Cheap too if you hit ebay. All depends on how many pairs you want, in what color(s), and how low you want to go on price / potential quality. Pictured above is the 5-pack from Cuff Daddy for $12.99. Shipped by Amazon, BUT… you can get a heck of a lot more, for a heck of a lot cheaper through ebay. It’s ebay though, so make sure you’re good with shipping & return policies.


.38 Special or .45 Colt Bullet Cufflinks – $23.99

Bullet casing cufflinks on Dappered.com

Well executed versions of the now popular bullet casing cufflinks. These will sit flatter against your cuff, so as to not hook your jacket sleeve. Made in the USA from recycled casings and available through Cool Material.  Technically “novelty” cufflinks, but they blend in. Available in Bang or Boom.


J. Crew Kissing Whale Cufflinks – $41.99 w/ GIFTNOW ($78)

J Crew Kissing Whales on Dappered.com

Wait, are those moustaches? Nope, kissing whales. As in, “Whale you be mine?” valentine kissing whales. Got a nice vintage look to them. They ship free too.


Billy Reid Vintage Deer Cufflinks – $55.00

Billy Reid Deer Cufflinks on Dappered.com

Seems like more than a couple of brands have started to post vintage, one of a kind goods on their websites. Who’s going out and finding these things at flea markets and estate sales? No clue. And yes, you could absolutely do some hunting around for vintage pieces yourself, whether it be on eBay, or at consignment shops / sales in your area.


J. L. Lawson Made in the USA 00VII - $72.00

jl lawson cufflinks on Dappered.com

Solid weight without feeling like you’ve got bricks at your wrists. Made in either Brass or Stainless Steel (sold out for now). Manually machined in Joshua Tree, California. As far as taking them off and using them as a top, that’s tricky. Requires a bit of talent and/or practice. Stunners all the same. Two more styles here and here.


Trafalgar Paisley Cufflinks – $75.00

Trafalgar Paisley cufflinks on Dappered.com

Yes, they’re silver rectangles, but silver rectangles done right. The paisley pattern will help knock down some of the glaring shine while adding some visual texture.


Ledbury “Monroe” Mother of Pearl Cufflinks – $165.00

Ledbury Monroe Cufflinks on Dappered.com

Dang. Those are all kinds of right. You could wear those with just about anything. Sterling Silver & Mother of Pearl Cufflinks made outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Hand carved cedar box. The guys at Ledbury have put together a nice video about the maker as well.


Brooks Brothers Snapper Lace BB#2 Cuff Links – $225

Insta-heirloom on Dappered.com

Outrageously expensive, but pretty darn fantastic all the same. A wedding-day kind of splurge. Based on a classic style from the 1920′s. Silver plated and made in the USA. Will go on sale from time to time with site-wide promotions.

Any other suggestions for those who wear a pair of cuff links from time to time? Leave it all below.