Would you wear it? The Jodhpur Boot

Saddle up? Now w/ an affordable option < $120.

Polo R.L. Newent Suede Jodhpur Boot – $117.81* w/ MPRE13 ($198)

*Part of Ralph Lauren’s up to 40% off Fall-Pre Sale event. Code gets you 30% then an extra 15% off these boots through today, 10/30. Free shipping for a limited time too. It’s a select item discount, so to see all of the goods that are up for it, you’ll need to head to RalphLauren.com/Presale.

The Jodhpur Boot is more dressed up than a desert boot with it’s chukka lacing, yet gets away without the goring of a chelsea. It’s sort of a high top single monk, and can look at home with everything from jeans to fall-weight suits.

RL Jodhpur

Invented as a companion to the Jodhpur Pant, these boots seem to have been originally intended as a shorter, less expensive, easier to get on and off boot for someone riding a horse. Could a zipper do the same job? Sure, but zippers didn’t really come into their own until the Model T was on the streets. The buckle closure is a nod to the previous favored mode of land transportation (the four-legged beast mode… not the Quad City DJ’s preferred mode)

RL Jodhpur sole

It’s a sleek boot, laceless obviously, and the signature characteristic is that buckle up top. Like a monk strap, that’s how the boot is fastened to the wearer. But unlike monks, buckles on boots (unless you’re on a motorcycle) don’t get as much love in the style community. Some guys think they look girly. Some guys love em’. Some would point out that unless you’re tucking your pants into your boots, they’ll probably remain mostly hidden. That, and that buckle has a job to do. Function usually gets points in masculine style (see a watch instead of a bracelet).

RL Jodhpur Side

This option from Ralph Lauren looks like it comes in an awfuly rich suede, the shape + toe looks spot on, soles look solid, and the price is down to under $120 shipped. RL also has a black and brown in calfskin for $133.87 if you use MPRE13, and then there’s the made-in-Portugal/Blake Stitched Ike from Jack Erwin.

So would you? Or is a buckle at the ankle of a boot just not your thing? Leave it all below…