Win it: Bespoke Post’s “Crisp” Box

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Bespoke Post October 2013: “Crisp” – $45.00

For $45 per box, Bespoke Post will deliver to your door a “box of awesome” once a month. Inside you’ll find hand selected items curated for a guy like you. You can skip any box you want or cancel at any time.  Click here for more.

This happens every once in a while with Bespoke Post. They come out with a box of goods that almost all of which most of us already have, and plenty probably shrug, click “opt out” and wait for the next month. There’s certainly some unique stuff in this fall-appropriate “crisp” box, but it feels a bit… random?

crisp scarf

The largest piece in the box is the 65″x17″ double-faced all-cotton scarf. Grey on one side and striped on the other, it’s got an urban-male-bohemian thing going on. Some will dig that, others will avoid. It’s quite soft, but since it’s cotton and not wool, it has more of a fashion instead of function feel to it. Sure it blocks the wind, but most of us are reaching for wool at this time of year.

crisp socks

The days of sockless + canvas sneakers are toast. So adding in a pair of mid-weight, dark socks for fall was a nice choice. And they’re terrific. They’re not wool (merino or otherwise), so warmth delivery in bitter cold temps is unknown, but the 78% combed cotton/17% polyamide/5% elastic has a nice in-between thickness and texture that’s not paper thin but not bulky either. But cotton isn’t usually the best in cold temps. Once it gets wet (slush or sweat) it’ll hold that moisture, and… you’re screwed. These might have enough wicking properties with the polyamide, o…r they might not. Whatever the function, they do look pretty darn sharp with the grey on black rugby stripes and bright blue toes. And the squishy factory is there. They should be comfortable throughout the day. Retail on these is $12.50 a pair.

crisp the restThe rest. A surprisingly nice “vegan” card case, something to clean your smartphone with, & carmex.

And then there’s the rest. The “Vegan Leather” card case from Men in Cities might not be animal based, but it doesn’t feel like plastic either. Nice and flexible with a two-toned color scheme. The micro-fiber cleaning cloth from “declan” is going to remind a few of us of the thicker “Toddy” cloths. And they’re super-useful. Seems like a simple thing, but having something made to clean a device screen, when you NEED to clean a device screen? Makes a difference. Oh, and there’s Carmex (which is what many might say when they open the box: “Oh! There’s Carmex…). If you live in an area where it gets crazy dry when it gets stupid cold (like, your knuckles split and bleed for no reason dry), then you’re probably already using some sort of goop once the holidays hit. Carmex is about as straightforward as it gets.

These are all things many of us would certainly pick up and take an interest in if browsing in a store. But not everything here would make it to the register.

Enter here to win This “Crisp” Box from Bespoke Post. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 10/22/13. Thanks again to Bespoke Post, and Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Eric Q. who won the drawing for this latest box from Bespoke Post.