Win it: any shirt from ratio/clothing

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Ratio/clothing custom made in the USA shirts – $89 – $159

Consider this week five days of saying thank you. Without your readership, your emails, your terrific comments, and your willingness to spread the word, Dappered wouldn’t exist. The collection of good guys who frequent this corner of the internet is by far the greatest achievement of this website. And to say thank you, we’ve put together five, splurge-worthy giveaways that’ll hopefully express our gratitude. Good luck, and thanks a million.

It takes a certain kind of genius to take something we’re all used to, yet not totally thrilled about, and turn it into something still familiar… but now it couldn’t be any better. That’s what ratio/clothing does with shirting. They take the traditional neck & sleeve measuring system we all know, make it hyper-specific (try measurements as precise as a 1/4″ at the neck and 1/2″ at the sleeve), and then put you in total control for all of your shirt’s details like collar, cuffs, pocket/no pocket, and placket.

And… they’re made in the United States.

Most custom shirt outfits make you break out a measuring tape. That can lead to a lot of operator error. Not so with Ratio. They work smarter, not harder, and get the info you already know through five basic measurements:

ratio sizing five measurements

Instead of of the basic neck and sleeve measurements (say, 15.5 32/33 for an off the rack shirt at Macy’s), they get your chest size, shirt length (are you a 42L? Then you’re a long), neck size, sleeve length, and a standard or slim fit. And all of these measurements are much, much more detailed. No more settling on a shirt that only sort of works on guys with 32 or 33 sleeves. You can dial your shirt in to unheard of specificity:

Ratio Sizing

After the fit comes the fun part. Hate chest pockets on your shirt? Kill it. Want french cuffs on a more casual bold gingham? They can do that. Collar is up to you and so is the placket. Even the pleats on the back (side? box? none?) can be customized. There’s even a field at checkout for extra comments/requests. Say you like to go tieless and prefer a lower slung button stance. That way, when the top is unbuttoned, the second button looks just right. Ask for it. If they can accommodate it, they’ll do their best to.

Some Ratio Design Options

They have plenty of atedesigns to pick from, and their plain white poplin, at $89, made it into the best of the best White Shirt Hierarchy. But since the winner here gets to pick any shirt from the lineup, don’t be afraid to explore their luxury options like their Signature Broadcloth, Signature Twill, or the awfully slick drafting shirt.

Their smarts + Your style = ratio/clothing being an all time favorite here on Dappered.

Enter here to win (update: entries are closed) any shirt from ratio/clothing. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 8/16/13. Thanks to Eric and everyone else at ratio/clothing for once again providing a shirt for Reader Appreciation Week.

UPDATE: Congrats to Jack C. from New York who won the drawing for the ratio shirt. Thanks again to Eric and the rest of the ratio/clothing team!

ratio reader appreciation