The truth about guns and nuts with a side of Ziggy and Bond.

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True story: I’m currently searching for a bar set up for my new place. This re-purposed 1920s German lightbulb tester is out of my price range and, admittedly, bulky, but dang it’s pretty rad. Also, not the least bit subtle. You might call it a statement.

ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD…and these guys look like schlubs. Mostly. Although, these shades are pretty sweet.

THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR GUNS: These particular models are mesh. I’m thinking this seems like kind of a big thing to be discovering at this point in time. Huh.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Tesla motors is making honest headway in their attempt to break into the mainstream with their beautiful, stylish, electric vehicles. They have recently introduced a “reasonable” priced model and they are delivering some profit-friendly production news. It would seem that their success has the big auto manufacturers freaking out and pulling some dirty tricks to stop their progress. To that end, this.



THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR NUTS: This, also, was educational.

PUT DOWN THOSE ALLEN EDMONDS DOUBLE MONKS: This reality is coming your way. Plan accordingly.

GUILTY:  Number 4 (mostly), number 6 (once upon a time), number 7 (only mine), and number 9 (unabashedly).

BOND: This is a very good thing.


(But seriously, what is with The Dude’s accent in this? Oh man. Worrisome.)

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