Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – July 2013, The Picks

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – 7/19 – 8/4

Aside from the annual Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend where every retailer is in on the madness, this is about as good as it gets. Unlike an end of season clearance sale, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale marks down new items for the upcoming season. And that means sizes are usually plentiful.

The goods? Those are also top notch. It’s Nordstrom, and their buyers know what they’re doing. Higher end brands and sought-after goods often drop into an attainable price range during this sale. Plus, nobody beats Nordstrom when it comes to in-house brands (Calibrate, 1901, etc…) that deliver both quality and sharp style at a reasonable price. And those prices, thanks to this sale, just got more affordable. Everything ships and returns free of course.


Bruno Magli Maioco Oxford – $279.90 ($425)

Magli Cap Toes

If these are the same model that got caught up in the CLADmen fire sale way back when, then they’re basic… and incredible. Glove soft leather inside and out. A trim, but not pointy silhouette. Wildly comfortable and would be a great shoe to travel in. Pic above may or may not be the same shoe, purchased during that CLADmen sale, and shown here standing on the Prime Meridian. Available in black or brown.


Allen Edmonds Park Ave. – $229.90 ($345)

Allen Edmonds Park

Conservative. Dependable. American Made black dress shoes that will. not. let. you. down. Maybe not the sexiest pair of footwear on the planet, but they’re one of AE’s best sellers for a reason.


Allen Edmonds Walnut Strand – $229.90 ($345)

Allen Edmonds Strand Walnut



Dockers “Alpha Fogwash” Chinos – $44.90 ($68)

Dockers Alphas

Fogawhatnow? Same very trim, tapered, Alpha-Khakis that some thinner guys swear by, now in a different softer wash perhaps? Perhaps. More than a few colors to pick from but sizes are scattered.


John W. Nordstrom Trim Fit Dress Shirts – $49.90 ($79.50)

JWN Shirting

From their upper scale house brand. 100% egyptian cotton, and a tonal, subtle diagonal weave to the cloth that gives these shirts more of a formal look. White, light blue, grey, and ecru.


Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Dress Shirts – $42.90 ($65)

Nordstrom Smartcare Shirting

A slight step down in handfeel to the fabric, but still outstanding for the price. Great collars. Might need some slimming through the body and sleeves done by your tailor. Did real well in the white dress shirt hierarchy, and that blue is the perfect shade.


Nordstrom Smartcare Trim Fit Mini-Gingham Dress Shirts – $42.90 ($65)

Nordstrom Smartcar Micro checks

Nice. New pattern, same great construction and collar. Attaguy(gal?) Nordstrom.


Calibrate Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt in Gingham – $38.90 ($59.50)

Calibrate Check

One of the best bang for the buck shirts out there. Great quality. Non-iron finish could be a little softer, but it’s not scratchy. Terrific collar. How to wear it over here. A note about these: There’s an almost identical shirt that’s also on sale, from the same brand. That other one is called a “slim” fit, instead of a “Trim” fit, and it does fit much closer, but it also has a much smaller collar.


Bonobos Washed Chinos – $65.90 ($88)

bonobos chinos

Not a bad price for the Bonobos Flagship. More than just the light blue pictured above. Sizes are scattered though.


Walin & Bros. Brown Cotton Sportcoat – $99.90 ($150)

Brown Sportcoat

This thing has a dobby weave, so think more of a texture like pique, and less like a smooth chino. Description calls it a trim fit. Center vent, patch pockets…might be worth a shot.


Casio G-Shock XL Ana-Digi Watch – $86.90 ($130)

GShock Monster

Because sometimes you want to leave your nice automatic at home. HUGE. 55mm.


To Boot New York Aaron Oxford – $199.90 ($299)


Available in black or brown. Consider getting the AE Strands or Park Ave.’s for not much more.


Alternative Eco Pocket Henley – $27.90 ($42)

Pocket Henley

Tri-blend means it should be super soft. 3/4 sleeves. Three button henley placket and a chest pocket. Like an early fall weekend version of a basic pocket tee. Nice lines with the raglan sleeves. Liking the blue sleeve / reddish orange placket option.


Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip – $229.90 ($345)

AE wingers

A wingtip that’s a true closed-lacing oxford. Wingtips that don’t have that closed lacing, but instead the derby-style lace flaps, can look a little casual depending on the silhouette. These don’t, since it’s got balmoral-style lacing and is thus, super sleek.


BOSS Black Varmons Loafer – $129.90 ($195)

Boss Loafer

There’s a ton of Hugo Boss stuff in this sale, but for most guys on this site, Boss seems to be a bit overpriced. Shoes are usually fused, leather is so-so, but prices are still high at retail. Their stuff is often great looking though, and sleeker than the competition. Like these loafers. Two hundred? Nah. $130? Maybe…


Boss Black 40mm Leather Strap Watch in black or brown – $156.90 ($235)

Boss Watches

Great looking, no doubt. But for less than $30 more (with a code), you’re looking at an automatic Bambino.


Red Wing Moc Toe Boot – $159.90 ($250)

Red Wing Moc

Made in the USA and about as inexpensive as a new Red Wing (that’s not at an outlet as a 2nd) is going to get. Beastly and casual. Goodyear welted.


Cole Haan Air Grant Driver – $98.90 ($148)

CH Air Grant

Penny-strap up top, authentic styling of a super-grippy sole underneath. Grip carries on to the back heel to reduce foot fatigue while driving, shifting, etc. Great looking “papaya” color.


Joseph Abboud Made-in-the-USA Trim Fit 3-Piece – $599.90 ($895)

Abboud 3 piece

Abboud is making a serious comeback. This is a wool & cashmere suit, is made here in the states, and comes with the matching navy glen-plaid vest. It’s a monster of a splurge, but it has enormous potential. No word on the canvassing, but you wouldn’t be out of line to guess half-canvas? Would also like to know what % is wool, and what % is cashmere.


Allen Edmonds Mainstee Brogue Leather Belt – $76.90 ($115)

AE mainstee

Survey SAYS… 13% of you might consider this purchase at this price point. Maybe. Totally scientific research over there, we know. Anyway, belt is also available in a dark brown and black.


Sperry Topsider in red – $59.90 ($84.95)

Sperry Reds

There’s no place like home? No, not that one. This one.


Victorinox Quilted Shirt Jacket – $165.90 ($250)

Victorinox quilted

A slim, quilted jacket is a fine thing to have on hand for those mid 30 – mid 50 degree days. Still pricey at $166. Doesn’t really look much like a shirt/jacket (shacket), but instead just like a jacket.


1901 Casey Longwing – $64.90 ($99.90)

190 Longwing

From the Nordstrom house brand 1901. Currently only made in tan, but this blueish-grey version looks terrific. Decent construction for a hundred dollar shoe. Leather isn’t the most supple by any stretch, but it feels tough enough. Also available in a greyish-brown suede.


Original Penguin The Earl Trim Fit Polo – $38.90 ($59.00)

Earl Polo

Splurge worthy (forty bucks is getting up there on a polo for plenty of us). Great retro-piping, a super soft finish, and an honest to goodness trim fit. Black, White, Navy, Grey, light blue… all in there.


Allen Edmonds Neumok – $169.90 ($260)

AE neumok

A complete splurge for a casual shoe that can be dressed up a touch… but they’re something. Full review over here. Available in brown or blue. Really nice price.


Nordstrom 4-Pack Exact Waist Sizing Supima Briefs – $23.90 ($32)

Nordy Briefs

YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT THERE ARE STILL SOME OF US WHO WEAR BRIEFS. And it’s getting more and more difficult to find briefs that are sold in waist sizes, not small, medium, large, etc… A medium in most briefs is 32-34. That’s a lot of… wiggle… room. Straight up wobble. Uncontrolled unfurling for some of us. Slinky in a hurricane. Look, if you don’t wear briefs? Cool. But, just a heads up for those of us that do.


Allen Edmonds Walnut Dalton – $259.90 ($395)

AE Dalton

Still expensive, but $135 off the Dalton is nothing to sneeze at.


Billy Reid Slub Henley – $62.90 ($95)

BReid Henley

An American basic from the award winning American Designer. Heads up though, you can get a similar henley (the ’71, not slub) over on the Billy Reid site for around $47.


Red Wing Beckman Boot – $199.90 ($390)

Red Wing Beckman

Finishing on an incredibly strong note. Made in the USA. Again… the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just might be the best sale of the year, and here’s proof.

Have thoughts or experience with any of the above picks? What about anything else that’s in the sale that caught your eye? Leave it all in the comments. Prices go back to retail on August 5th.

Update: Just scrolling through the comments after day 1 and I gotta say, this is why you guys are the best readership on the web. All of the good, constructive feedback, passing along tips, your own experience, many thanks guys.