J. Crew Factory Fall 2013 Early Arrivals

Picks from the new Factory fall line, w/ a Thompson.

Fall 2013 – J. Crew Factory’s First Release

Fall? A little early for fall, isn’t it? It hit triple digits at the Dappered home offices yesterday. And the (stupidly planned) afternoon run felt like trotting on hot coals. Pretty sure I was accosted by Ceberus himself (themselves?), instead of the usual pit-mix + westie (of all things) that patrol the fence of a yard so cluttered it’d rival Sanford & Son.

We’re talking clothes, right?

Compared to last season, prices seem to have gone up. Quite a bit. So, might take some patience to wait for these things to come down. Some, but not all, of these new arrivals for fall are 40% off during their “sneak peak” event. But again… just some of them. Not all. All of the new arrivals can be seen here.


Navy Wool Blend Thompson Suit Jacket + Pant in Glenn Plaid – $356 ($426)

glenn plaid thompson

How much? And, “retail price” is what now? That’s almost suitsupply level. Fully understand that no one pays retail at J. Crew Factory, but even at 50% off you’re looking at $213. Say goodbye to the < $199 Thompson? Description says it’s a wool/poly blend as well. That’s pretty steep for a Thompson, but this is just out of the gates. Hm.


Tartan Washed Shirt in Slim or Regular Fit – $35.50 ($59.50)

Tartan Shirt

A great late summer – fall transitional shirt. Not that you can’t wear it year round of course… but it’s the saturation of the madras/summer like colors on a tartan/plaid that makes it a nice blend. Slim fit or regular fit available. Gonna look pretty good with a lighter grey or chambray blazer, jeans and boots the first time the high temps don’t crack 70.


All Cotton Slub Jersey Henley – $29.50 ($39.50)

Factory Henlsey

Not that henelys have ever fallen out of favor, but expect to see a lot of retailers pushing these things this year. Slub texture here instead of a waffle or smooth fabric. Also available in red, pictured at the top of the page.


Cotton/Poly Heathered Henley – $25.50 ($42.50)

slub henley

… And expect retailers to be pushing multiple versions of henleys this year. Apparently. Cotton/poly blend on this one will give it a heathered look that’s hopefully a bit softer than an all cotton version. Available in that orangeish-salmon “dried persimmon”, the blue, and a black that now looks charcoal thanks to the marling.


Dress Shirts in Tattersall – $44.50 ($59.50)  or Windowpane Check – $54.50 ($69.50)

New Factory Dress Shirts

Hey look… #4 and #7 from yesterday. Prices seem a bit steep to start, being that they’re not neck + sleeve sizing.


Long Sleeve Sailing Stripe Tee – $23.50 ($39.50)

Sailing stripe tee

A good example of being dressed down but not out. Bold stripes. Nice looking collar as well. Lots of these nautical long sleeves come with a razor thin collar. Not here. Wish they’d make it in a slim fit though.


Slim Cord – $38.50, Slim-Straight Cord – $38.50, Straight Cord – $38.50 ($64.50)

Factory Cords

Got all that? Three fits. There’s slim, “Vintage” slim-straight, and “Vintage” Straight. No word on why “slim” didn’t get the “vintage” moniker. 5-pocket styling and a decent selection of colors. Hey… remember cords?


Colorblock Cotton Cashmere Sweater – $35.50 ($59.50)

colorblock sweater

“Colorblock” might be the buzz word of the moment, but that’s just a baseball-style setup on a decent looking crewneck. Full length sleeves instead of the 3/4 baseball though… which is nice. Don’t be afraid to layer it over a white or light blue OCBD for a slightly more dressed up look. Plenty fine on its own though over a t-shirt.


Homestead Jacket – $98.00  ($138)

Factory Barn Jacket

Also pictured at the top of the post. Basic barn looking jacket. Corduroy collar and cuffs.

Thoughts on this opening autumn salvo by Factory? What about the price jumps? Are you expecting the Thompson suit separates to now lean back towards the wool/poly combo of years past? Leave it all below…