The Problem with all this Posing

It's risky dressing for a camera.

Once you start dressing for a camera you risk losing sight of everything but the lens.

Key word: risk.

Your perspective may get skewed by the praise and criticisms of the loudest comments online (why else would you take pictures of yourself unless you were going to share em’ online, right?). You might even cease wearing what you want… what makes you feel good… and instead start assembling outfits that’ll pass a test on a message board or website.

You risk dressing for a virtual world instead of the world that actually surrounds you.

And then one day you might show up to a wedding, as a guest, all gussied up in your world-wide-web-style finest, and treat someone else’s big day like its your own personal runway.

There’s plenty to be learned from others on What I Wore Today message board threads. But if part of buying a new suit includes a full blown photo shoot… then you best not snicker the next time you see sci-fi “nerds” lining up for the latest convention decked out in their favorite costumes.

At least they know they’re playing let’s pretend.

Top Photo: Narcissus by Caravaggio