Food is fuel, and the impending arrival of the Nanny State.

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BAD NEWS FOR YOUR BBQ PLANS? It’s not that I don’t enjoy a grilled portobello mushroom (yum) from time to time but I do so love but this right here is what they call food for thought. You could also chalk it up as a win for veggiesaurs everywhere. Just don’t let your local charcuterer in on this one.

WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: Far be it from me to call bullspit on the fine folks at Dunkin Donuts, but if they think that I believe for one minute that their new bacon and fried egg in a glazed donut breakfast sammich packs a measly 360 calories, they are, to quote Kanye, cray. Then again, perhaps they’re mini donuts? Still, a few of those and you’re likely to bust the seat out of your slim fit trousers.

ON THE OTHER HAND: This all looks pretty delicious. And a lot healthier. Also, smart.


BUTT OUT? With news like this, it is only a matter of time before the no smoking movement gets more invasive than ever. It has become an economic issue (or more to the point, excuse) and it means that employers are going to, more and more, hire only non smokers. Or liars.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF BENJAMINS – THE SEQUEL: When he wasn’t testing his fate with the elements or assembling his Farmer’s Almanac, or marking his time as one of our Founding Farmers (OR designing a brand new alphabet), Benjamin Franklin, one time ambassador to France, wrote pamphlets on flatulence.

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