30% off almost everything at J. Crew… again?

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THEBEST = 30% off at J. Crew (suiting excluded)

Didn’t we just do this?

It looks like J. Crew didn’t have a great first quarter. Yet they say they won’t drop prices to compete. But here we are with our second 30% off almost everything code, THEBEST, in one month.

Anybody else confused?

NEWSTYLE is the code they’re advertising on their site, but that gets only 25% off. THEBEST went out in an email to only a segment of their customer base, but it seems to work for everyone. 3rd party merchandise and suiting is excluded, but blazers are up for the code (The Wool Ludlow blazers with a center vent or side vents are getting close to sold out).

So does this 2nd 30% off sale in one month mean anything? Usually they’ll run an extra 30% off sale items code every few weeks… but twice in one month on the full priced stuff? Is this going to become the norm? On with the picks.


Unconstructed Ludlow Sportcoat in Twill – $117.60 ($168)

More polish than Target's Kensington.

More polished than Target’s Kensington.

A smooth, navy cotton sportcoat can take you awfully far. A word on sizing: Medium leans more towards a 40 than a 38. But a small might come up short in the tail. So if you normally wear a 38, congrats… you’re a “smedium”.  Which of course doesn’t exist. Expect some tailoring on that Medium. Your other option is the back-in-stock, fully lined, $88 Thompson Suit Jacket from J. Crew Factory. But at post time, those are putting up obscenely long ship dates (October?). There’s always the new self-fabric elbow patch cotton blazer at Banana Republic, but blazers are almost always excluded from their promotions.


Bowery Pant Classic Fit – $61.60 ($88)

Slim through hip/thigh with a straight leg.

Slim through hip/thigh with a straight leg.

Oxford cloth pants are hard to find at an affordable price… because they’re so damn comfortable. Retailers know what they have with these things. Don’t be scared off by the “classic” fit moniker. Unless you’re super slim, these shouldn’t be flapping in the breeze. Also available in a not quite as soft Micro-stripe cotton for $54.60.


Slim Slub Merino V-Neck – $45.49 ($89.50)

Investment for Autumn.

Investment for Autumn.

Already on sale and the extra 30% off makes this a steal. Cut in their slimmer “slim” cut (what a wonderfully constructed sentence that was). And that slim cut makes a big difference. Elbow patches, a not too deep-v, and the more casual slub style of knit. A perfect cool-summer-evening sweater if you’ve lucky enough to live in a place that has those, or, a good investment for the fall. Four colors available.


5″ Portofino Swim Trunks – $38.50 ($75)

Warning: Unlined.

Warning: Unlined.

Been workin’ out huh? Good on ya.


Linen Colorblock Worker Jacket – $138.60 ($198)

Nylon windbreaker it's not.

Nylon windbreaker it’s not.

Bit of a splurge when it comes to upgrading your Spring/Fall light jacket. But would you? Or is there some risk in that this color-blocking trend is going to be relegated to the fad-dustbin of fashion history soon? If it is, at least the blue on blue here is on the subtle side. Unconstructed, all linen, and functional buttons at the cuffs.


Kenton Suede Bucks – $138.60 ($198)

Hooray for Grey.

Hooray for Grey.

You know the drill… Goodyear welted, made in China, nice quality, and a slimmer toe shape than most other bucks, which often look a little bulbous. Five colors to pick from.  Full review here.


Abingdon Travel Kit – $40.60 ($58)

10" long.

10″ long.

Pricey for a dopp kit, but the waxed canvas and double zipper entry is nifty. Available in that khaki or grey. Handle on top should make it a decent weapon for beating the snot out of the intruder who decided to break into your hotel room. (Hey, if Bourne can use a magazine, right?)


Indian Cotton Shirt in Slim or Regular Fit – $45.50 ($75)

Mumbai Al Borland.

Mumbai Al Borland.

Based on Madras without the patchwork crazy. Button down collar and available in their slim fit. Could look pretty slick under a linen blazer. Already marked down.


Silk Weightlifter Tie – $52.50 ($75)

Made in the USA.

Made in the USA.

Well dressed gym-rats unite! Okay, it’s a crazy price for one tie, but… well, kinda cool. Total splurge. Maybe a birthday gift for someone or yourself. Made in the USA and 2.5″ wide.


Ticking Stripe Belt – $27.65 ($39.50)

Nautical without the salty-dogness.

Summery, but not crazy bright.

A spring/summer belt that doesn’t go wild with intense color. Just… lighter. Just about 1.5″ wide.


Ludlow Sportcoat in Herringbone Italian Linen – $229.60 – 243.60 ($348)

Also comes in a charcoal.

Also in charcoal, which is the lower price.

Dual vents on these blazers and all three colors are sharp enough to work year round. The option in Navy will look pretty darn good with jeans in the fall. Also in an evening ready charcoal, which is already on sale and thus the lower priced option at $229.60. These do have some construction to them, so the measured chest sizing will fit much more spot on than the Small, Medium, Large, etc. of the unconstructed line.


2013 New Fall Line Lookbook Items – $$$???

All hail fall.

All hail fall.

They just launched a lookbook for fall with some items available for pre order. You either gotta call or email them though, but good luck trying to get the 30% off code to apply. More info and plenty more looks over here. A call to customer service was inconclusive, and got me stuck in a bit of phone-tree hell at one point. Efforting more info + prices on a few items at post time.

So with two in one month, are you now expecting these 30% off site wide codes to roll around more often? Or you thinkin’ this was just a summer clearance type of sale? THEBEST expires Mon. 6/24.