What would you pay? B.R.’s Tailored Plaid Linen Blazer

Plus, when will BR let a code work on blazers again?

Banana Republic Tailored Plaid Linen Blazer – $275.00

“You’ve got a lot of real estate for a pattern like that.”

Those were the words of the Mrs. when I pulled out this blazer. And at 6’4″ / 185 lbs, I had to agree with her. The pattern seemed much bolder in person than it had online. There’s no grey in there. It’s all black and white with a light blue threaded through. My first thought was that I would return it.

Then I tried it on with a plain white dress shirt and dark jeans. “Hmmm…this kind of works,” I thought. “Hmmm…that kind of works,” said the Mrs. The pattern didn’t seem quite so bold when wearing it. And the fit (40L) was certainly right.


The fit is the key to a blazer like this. Plaids like this are undeniably coming back into fashion, but you don’t want to look like you pulled your new blazer from the back of your grandpa’s closet. BR’s tailored blazers do it right with a trim silhouette, narrower lapel, and arm holes that are high enough. The ticket pocket and hacking/angled pockets are a nice touch, especially since the angle of the pockets aren’t too wild when it comes to their pitch. Puts the “sport” in sport coat.

The exterior is 100% linen but the lining is polyester. It’s a trade off since it won’t breathe nearly as well, but that lining gives the coat a bit more shape and structure than the linen would have by itself.

BR Plaid Reverse

Living with this blazer for a few days, I pretty quickly went from planning on returning it to considering it a signature item. Even at that, $275 is more than I’d ever want to spend on this, or any other blazer. I bought it a few weeks back when it was marked down at just under $200. It was during one of those “select items are on sale” events. I didn’t even use a code. Not that they’ve been running any as of late that actually work on blazers.

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NOTE: If you’re in the market for a warmer weather blazer, know that J. Crew Factory has slashed prices on their Thompson suit separates through today. The Oxford Cloth, Seersucker, Corded Cotton, and cotton pique are down to $100.50. Sizes are a little scattered, but most are available. Pique was fully lined in poly, with the corded cotton just half lined. Anyone seen the Oxford cloth’s lining? Also, this is now down to $168 w/ the code SHOPNOW. (update… it’s now saying that linen ludlow is sold out? It was just there at post time.)