The Most-Missed-List of Affordable Men’s Style

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Look, nobody’s crying here. It’s just stuff. But, well, some of these things seemed to get the boot way too early. Maybe… just maybe… someone will see this list and bring some of these things back. Got a personal most-missed item that didn’t make this list? Add it, and any alternatives to these now extinct goods in the comments section.

Mossimo Trim Fit Polos

Incredible bang for your buck.

Forget the absurdly low price ($10), these were widely available, cut perfectly, and the plackets hit the placement sweet spot (not too high, not too low). They got shuffled out awhile back in favor of a Merona branded slim fit option with wonky proportions. The tail was super long, the collar was oddly big, and they just didn’t fit or feel as good. Target is still making Mossimo Athletic fit polos, but now they have a logo on them. Please Target. For the love of the style Gods. Don’t take our Mossimo athletic fit tees next.

The Alternative: For ten bucks? There isn’t one.


DSW Mercanti Fiorentini Plain toe Oxfords

Used to go for $120

These used to go for $120. Proof that less is more. Made in Italy and durable despite the soles being glued.  Seems like DSW’s Mercanti Fiorentini is favoring busy  bluchers/derbys instead of the super-sleek true oxfords like the model shown above from a few years back.

The Alternative: They do have a very similar option in a cap toe with some pinking.


Codes that work on Banana Republic Blazers/Suit Jackets

BR Sale Blazers

The wool linen number on the left was going for $266 with a code last spring. The blazer at right was around $150 (Italian cotton too) last fall. BR used to be a solid place to land a suit in the mid $200s and blazers for around $150. Not anymore. Now it’s extremely rare to find a code that’ll actually work on jackets at Banana Republic.

The Alternative: J. Crew Factory Thompson suit separates. But the button stance is noticeably lower.


The every-so-often style related groupon.

groupon missed

This seems like forever ago. When’s the last time you bought a groupon anyway?

The Alternative: As far as other groupons go? Like colonics and manicures?


Ron Johnson as CEO of JC Penney

ronnie j missed

Has to be said. The return to sales and coupons has seemingly ended in an overall price increase. The litmus test is the OCBD from the maybe soon-to-be-defunct jcp brand. They were $25 which was a complete steal. Ron Johnson gets punted out of the stadium and… bam… they’re up to $40. They’ve dropped to under $25 online from time to time, but that price includes shipping. In store is all over the place. From many a perspective, it’s a mess. In retrospect, they probably never could have succeeded under Ronnie J., but for the demo that reads this site, that time period in which he was there sure was nice.

The Alternative: Mike Ullman, who was the old CEO, is now the new CEO. And it’s still a mess. Wooster’s gone too. Who knows if they’ll try to keep on keepin’ on with the upgraded look of the men’s stuff.


The Stafford Ashton Wingtip + Camlin Wingtip Boot

stafford camlin missed

Speaking of jcp’s demise. Maybe it’s just because it’s summer, and therefore the boots (shown above after an application of black shoe creme) aren’t available… but the Ashton Wingtip is also no longer in stock. Some have reported these reappearing in-store. Here’s to hoping they bring them back, as well as develop similar ultra-affordable models with great toe shapes, good leather, and solid durability.

The Alternative: None. These were $50 – $60. A stunningly low price for a great pair of boots or shoes.


The Seiko SNZJ Series

SNZJ Missed

When’s the last time a new design surrounding the tried and true Seiko 5 movement came out anyway? A poor man’s Omega Speedmaster. Would go for around $150 – $200.

The Alternative: The SNZH series. A little smaller with a functional exterior bezel. Not quite the same.


Macy’s INC Ultra-light Shirt-weight cotton blazers

INC Blazer

Ultra light, ultra inexpensive, these used to sell for between $35 – $65. Off the rack fit was better than good, and they were super breezy and all cotton. Still have a couple in the personal rotation (the micro check and glen plaid seen here), and they see a ton of use in the summer. Now it seems like INC makes mostly synthetic blazers with goofy details, and when there is a cotton or linen blend, more often than not it’s lined in polyester.

The Alternative: At a similar price point? There isn’t one.


Bonobos sales + codes

Well, it worked. They're currently over 300,000 likes.

These still roll around every once in awhile, but certainly not like they used to. A few have speculated in the comments that this was a smart strategy by Bonobos… get people hooked on their products when they were able to be snatched up at a bargain, and then let the codes ride off into the sunset. Gotta wonder what % of the customer base went away as well. They sure seem to be doing fine (they’re currently over 300,000 likes).

The Alternative: Keep an eye on their facebook page. They throw their fans code-bones every once in awhile over there. They’re usually awfully specific though (take $100 off a certain trench for example).


The Allen Edmonds Fairfax

Fairfax Missed

Just weird enough. A wholecut with a medallion and perforations that sweep down along the side. Oddly modern + traditional all at the same time. These dipped down to around $200 at Nordstrom Rack a year or so ago. Now long gone.

The Alternative: The Vernon is along these same lines, but the uniform punches for the perforations make them lean more modern.


The Ocean’s Movies

Major inspiration (except for Rusty… “tell him he dresses like a gigolo!”). There have been few movies that have come along where you say “screw the plot, I just wanna watch this.”  The remake of Ocean’s 11 was great. Now, Ocean’s 12, and to some extent Ocean’s 13, is very much a screw-the-plot movie for some. Unlike Rocky, Die Hard, and Brett Favre’s career (fool), the George Clooney / Steven Soderberghy Ocean’s series could have kept on going far beyond its expiration date. They’re fun as hell. And they make no apologies for being so. The chemistry between the actors is off the charts. They’re slick, sharp, and fun to watch. I’d take 14, 15, and 16 if they wanted to make them. RIP Frank… ’nuff said.


Citizen Eco-Drive AT0550 Silver Dial

The ol citizen

Why. WHY… did they discontinue the silver dial version of this watch? For around $200, it was one of the cleanest, sharpest looking chronographs out there. Perfect for wearing with a suit and easily dressed down with jeans. They’re still making a rose gold/black dial version, as well as a brown on brown version, but the silver dial with blue hands was it.  This thing just looked much more impressive than the price tag. At 41mm in diameter, it has some width to it but was far from chunky. Eco drive too.

The Alternative: Citizen’s CA0331 white dial for $195. But that white dial is awfully stark compared to the understated silver. Full review over here.