Quick Picks: 20% off Brooks Brothers

Filson, Red Wing, plus double dipping in the sale section.

Golden Fleece Foundation Event: Save 20% off at Brooks Brothers

No code needed.  4% of U.S. net sales will be donated to their Golden Fleece Foundation, which goes to support charities such as Make a Wish.  Some items are excluded.  Sale expires Friday 4/19/13.

One of the nice things about Brooks Brothers sale events is that they don’t exclude everything under the sun.  Yes, there are some exclusions for this one (Cordovan, Black Fleece, a few other things), but more or less, they’re willing to hand over the discount on almost all of what they carry.

Even the new Gatsby collection is included.  But, it’s The Great Gatsby, not Oliver Twist, so don’t expect those goods to be uber-affordable.  There’s just not much in there that’s attainable for those who don’t have a Gatsby sized checking account.  Feel free to disagree in the comments.  (Hey, some might want to drop $160 on a fine, Italian made, straw hat.)

Quick picks follow.  Lots are already on sale, so the extra 20% off helps quite a bit.  Shipping can get expensive, and know you can do in-store returns for free.  Otherwise, you’re on the hook for $7.00 returns (unless you’ve got their credit card).

Filson Original Briefcase in Navy – $180 ($225)
A new shade for the ol' favorite.

A new shade for the ol’ made in the USA favorite.

A brand new shade for this old classic, the Filson Original Brief is sharp in navy.  Might be limited stock on the Brooks Brothers site though, so don’t be surprised if these get sold out.  (Also available in navy, Filson’s padded computer brief)


Suede Tie Driving Mocs – $118.40 ($148)
Fingers crossed for a sale.

Four of the six shades available.

Fingers were crossed for a sale a month or so ago when these first appeared, and here we have it.  Still a a bit of a splurge when there are so many drivers for cheaper, but these look like they could be excellent in person.


Birdseye Knit Bow Tie – $22.00 ($55)
Already on sale.

Already on sale.

And all the ladies at the summer wedding went wild.  One of those bow-ties that even make those of us in the “I can’t pull off a bow-tie” camp reconsider.  Wool.  Knitted in Italy.


Fitzgerald Fit Mini-Herringbone (w/ stripe?) suit – $439.20 ($1098)
Stripe?  Herringbone?  Both?

Stripe? Herringbone? Both?

Already on sale, a surprisingly large amount of sizes left (38R, 40R, and more available at post time), and this half-canvassed Made-in-Italy suit now drops to Suit Supply territory.  It says “mini-herrinbone” but there’s a stripe there.  But is there both a herringbone pattern AND a stripe?


Red Wing 3140 Leather Desert Boot – $192 ($240)
Classic Red Wings minus some of that classic clunk.

Classic Red Wings minus some of that classic clunk.

Hard to argue with these.  Too warm for summer weather, but for most of us, that’s still somewhere off in the distance.


Vintage Trench – $127.36 ($398)
Not boxy and above the knee.

Not boxy and above the knee.

A black cotton trench with lots of bells & whistles.  Removable corduroy collar.  “Cut trimmer with a tapered waist, this version has been updated with a more modern fit.”  Thank you Brooks Brothers.


Corduroy Bomber – $95.04 ($198)
Wear with cord pants and the universe might implode.

Wear with cord pants and the universe might implode.

The cure for the common Harrington.  A standard spring/fall light jacket, only in corduroy.  Available in that real rich looking navy or a camel shade of brown.  Ribbed cuffs and hem.


Hamilton Buffalo Calf Leather Jacket – $255.36 ($798)
Belt?  No Belt?  Still has major potential at this price.

Belt? No Belt? Still has major potential at this price.

Already half off and with the extra 20% it gets to downright cheap territory (for leather).  “Leather belt has a brass buckle to keep the chill out”… a belt?  So… Roadmaster style?  Lots of sizes available at post time.


Leather Hybrid Jacket – $255.36 ($798)
Not a big fat bomber?

Not a big fat bomber?

And then there’s this pair.  Black, and a lighter tan.  Looks pretty similar to the leather jacket above, but these specifically say they’re cut trimmer, taper at the waist, plus there’s a notch in the lapel where the throat latch extends.


Quilted Blazer – $109.44 ($228) | Cord Blazer – $79.36 ($248)
Would peak lapels on a quilted blazer be too flashy?

Would peak lapels on a quilted blazer be too flashy?

Question:  Would you rather attempt that (somewhat odd to some of us) trend that popped up this year, with layering a blazer OVER a quilted vest?  Or… just wear a quilted… blazer?  Neither is not an option.  Menawhile, the Cord Blazer is down to just Large and XL at post time.  But it’s mega cheap.


Shadow Check Nightshirt – $31.80 ($79.50)
Frontier log-cabin sexy.

Frontier log-cabin sexy.

Say it with me.  NIGHT SHIRT.

The 20% off Golden Fleece Foundation event runs from today, 4/18 through tomorrow, 4/19/13.