In Person: Jomers – $58, Made in the USA, Slim Fit Pants

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Jomers El Dorado Pinwale Corduroy – $58.00

UPDATE:  Check out the comments.  A lot of guys have been pointing out just how close these really are to Bonobos. Even down to some of the text used on the Jomers website.  And apparently Bonobos used/uses a slide lock style button?  Interesting debate.

Forget the big brands for a second.  They still do most of their manufacturing overseas.  It’s the little guys, those baby-brands that seem to be pushing a made-in-the-USA revolution in retail.  And a lot of it is getting affordable.  Seems like it started with leather goods.  Then shirting.  Selvage jeans were next (more on that tomorrow).  Now, this company called Jomers comes along, and they’re making summer weight, pinwale cord pants in Manhattan for under sixty bucks ($63 total if you count the $5 flat rate shipping).

From their better-fit mantra, to the patterned linings and pockets, to their all caps blocky blue logo, it’s awfully hard not to be reminded of Bonobos.  But their founder, Meyer Dagmy, claims that he has no relationship with Bonobos whatsoever. Other than being a former customer.  He says he made a bet with some friends about how he could make pants in New York City for an affordable price, despite having no experience in manufacturing or the fashion industry, and he set out to do it.  These pinwale cords are the result.

jomers fabric and buttonSlide lock button is unique.  Fabric is a super-soft, lightweight, khaki-color that can appear greyish in direct light.

The fabric is crazy soft and oddly light.  They’re not flimsy, but they’re lighter weight than most if not all summery chinos.  Think, air-weight without being tissue thin.  The fabric is sourced from the Garment District in New York, and the only thing that’s imported is the unique, Italian, slide-lock style button.

Jomers Fit front and side shotTrim through the thigh, and against some backgrounds, gives you an ass that don’t quit.

They’re cut very slim through the thigh and leg (slimmer than a Levi’s 514), so if you’re hefty in the legs, you might find them to be too tight.  They’re trim enough that sometimes you can see an outline of the front pockets (see the pic at the top of the page) as my thighs would shove those seams up against the interior fabric of the legs.  Admittedly, I do have larger legs, but they’re not the most thunderous of thighs.

They all come with a 34 inseam with the expectation that you’d get your tailor/dry-cleaner to hem them to your desired length (thus, the cuffs in the photos above) And the one major drawback to this specific model is how the waist fits. It’s really big.  But according to Jomers, this is only an issue with the El Dorados.  I wear a 32 in jeans, 31 in most trousers/suit pants, and ordered a 31 from Jomers.  They’re not falling off without a belt, but there’s too much room in the waist.  Combine the roomy waist with the trim thighs, and if I were to order a 30 (I’m 165 – 170… I’m no 30 waist), my thighs would probably look like they were shrink wrapped.  But at least they’d be shrink wrapped in luxurious pinwale cord.

Jomers lots of roomSo THIS is what Jared from Subway felt like.  Guess the generous waist is limited to this color option?

The Bottom Line

Not perfect right out of the gate, and these’ll have to go to the tailor for hemming and some serious work at the waist… but these are keepers.  And Jomers seems to be worth keeping an eye on.  They’re currently only making these pinwale cords, and you should know that you’re on the hook for return shipping.  But $58 for summer weight pants made from incredible fabric, in New York City, that are slim fit and workable (for most) after a trip to the tailor?  Here’s to looking forward to what they’ll make next.

Jomers in MotionProof that Jomers move well.  Eat your heart out Moby.