What would you pay? Hudson River Watch Co.

Kickstarter? Yes. Quartz? Yes. Easy on the eyes? Absolutely.

Kickstarter Alert: Hudson River Watch Co – $225 (one watch reward)

Thanks to Greg S. for sending in the style tip on this project.

Another (potential) watch company, looking to crowdfund their way to production.

Sometimes these watch projects work.  Sometimes they really don’t.  And with a goal to raise $50,000, the husband and wife team behind Hudson River Watch Co. seem to be swinging for the fences.  They’re not looking to produce one watch, but nine.  NINE.  Two of which will be the same basic design, with different colored dials (Front Street). Here’s their video:

What we think we know and/or don’t know:
  • $225 gets you one of the nine watches with the band indicated in italics under each model’s 4-picture set.
  • Movements are Swiss Quartz, crystals are sapphire, cases are stainless steel and water resistance is 150 feet.
  • Case sizes seem to lean more vintage/smaller.  36mm – 41mm depending on the model.
  • 7 of the 9 come with a leather strap, one comes with a rubber strap, the other a stainless steel band.
  • The designs are inspired by individual streets in New York City.
  • The video appears to show fully functioning prototypes.
  • Production quality for the kickstarter project presentation (photos, video) sure appears to be top notch.
  • They’re more than half way to their goal with a little under a month to go.
  • No word on where these are manufactured.
  • Rewards are estimated to deliver in August of 2013, but as they understandably note: “There are always challenges involved in the manufacturing process that have the potential to delay delivery, especially when dealing with more than one product, but we have built strong relationships with our partners and we’re confident we can meet our August 2013 timeline.”

Thoughts?  Nine designs is a lot right out of the gates.  But the Cranberry Street, Berry Street, and both Front Street options nail the updated vintage look.  They say one of the two founders has a degree in studio art, and the aesthetics of these things are going to be seen as spectacular to some.

But have you grown tired of the risks and wait associated with Kickstarter projects?  Or is this precisely the type of thing that you’d lay some hard earned cash down on, and then wait months for?  Go ahead and vote, and leave any further observations/explanation of your view in the comments below…

What would you pay? Hudson River Watch Co.

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hudson wach duoCranberry Street and Berry Street.  Both 40mm in diameter with 20mm wide straps.