What would you pay? The Allen Edmonds Custom Neumok

On sale, but how wild do you want to get?

Allen Edmonds Custom Neumok – $199.00

Many thanks to Redford C. for sending in the style tip on these.  At the very least, it’s fun to screw around with the color combinations.

So the mad scientists in the Allen Edmonds promotional department have come up with another doozy for their web-gems series.  These are shoes that are only available online, and sometimes they can get a little strange.

But strange meets school pride in the new collection, and Allen Edmonds is hoping that some will want to show their school spirit during the tournament this march on their feet.  Between now and March 3rd, they’re allowing customers to customize Neumoks via a dozen different colors, on six different areas of the shoe (plus your choice of 3 welt colors).  You can get as nuts as you want.  Is two hundred bucks a TON for a school-pride shoe?  Absolutely.  Are they still Allen Edmonds quality?  Yes they are.  Examples below, starting with the safest play for those of us who went to schools that won’t be in the tournament.


The Safe Play:  Brown on Brown on Brown on….
custom neumok brown on brown

And of course, there’d be black on black on black.

And here sits Captain No-Fun.  An all brown wingtip.  What sort of school spirit is that?  None.  But it’s also under $200 for basic Allen Edmonds.  Now there might be something there.


The slight risk:  The Missing McTavish Substitute

No contrast stitching on these though.

There’s an outstanding looking version of the McTavish in Black on a lighter sole, and this would be a brown substiute.  Problem is, there’s no way to opt out of the tone-on-tone stitching, and… you might have to darken that welt up a bit with some creme if it’s really this light on arrival.  Some lighter laces would help it out too.  Screwing with a $60 shoe?  Sure.  A $200 shoe?  Ehhhh…


The Almost Saddle: Solid with contrasting Quarters
These almost have a basketball shoe quality to them.

Hermes called.  He wants his kicks back.

Shown here in black and gold with a gold tongue.  Weird.

The just wants to be different:  The subtle tongue
You got a permit for concealment?

You got a permit for concealment?

Shown here with an all black setup with a green tongue.  Like a pocket square for your feet.  You could easily go brighter for more of a pop.  Brown with a navy tongue might look good too.


The March 17th Special:  Green, white, & Orange
The blood runs with Jameson

The blood runs with Jameson

You’ve got to really be proud of your Irish heritage.  Or… just be hoping you can get some of your investment back in the form of “Dude!  Nice shoes!  Your next green beer’s on me!”  (Like that ever happens)


The Ann Arbor: Maize and Navy (or bright blue)
Sparty is not impressed.

Sparty is not impressed.

No offense to rivals of the Wolverines, but if there was a school made for this shoe promotion, it’s Michigan.  More of their iconic football helmet than the basketball uniform, but you’ll know precisely what school the guy wearing these is rooting for come the tournament.  Brady Hoke has to be a wide, right?


What would you pay? The Madness inspired Custom Neumok

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So would you even consider dropping two hundred on something like this?  That’s a lot of cash.  Leave your take in the comments below.  A.E. says if you order by 3/3, they’ll be delivered by 3/19.  Just in time for… Store Wars.