Club Monaco Extra 30% off Sale Items

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COZYUP30 = Extra 30% off Club Monaco Sale Items

Club Monaco is subtle.  So subtle that their sales, and items in their sale section, can slip through the cracks.  With some retailers, an item jumps off the page.  Club Monaco stuff has a tendency to all sorta blend in.  Is that bad?  Depends on how bold and bright you like it.  The quality of their goods is up there for accessible prices, and they get even more accessible with one of these codes.  COZYUP30 expires on 2/8.  They’re also offering free shipping right now (no code necessary .  Items below had at least a decent size selection at post time unless otherwise noted.


Merino Shawl Collar Cardigan – $69.30 ($149.50)
CM Merino Shawl

“MI6 run out of Plastic?”

If that’s not a dead ringer for the one Bond wore when visiting Mathis in Quantum of Solace… Italian wool, suede elbow patches, and a shawl collar that’s far from wimpy.


Blackwatch Trouser – $69.30 ($149.50)
Just about out of season.

Just about out of season.

Lil’ late for blackwatch isn’t it?  Maybe.  You’ve got another month or so to make good use of these (unless you’re super adventurous and want to spit in the eye of the Spring Weather gods), but the price is awfully right.  And then… there’s next fall and winter.  Wool, and sizes are scattered on this one.


Wool Donegal Shirt Jacket – $69.30 ($279)
"that missed button

“that missed button is an outward symbol of my non-nonchalance”

Shirt Jackets (or, Shackets) are a little weird.  When you put one on over another shirt, it often feels like… well.. like you’ve decided to wear button up shirts over each other.  Probably not going to be the case with this one, thanks to the very outerwear like donegal wool and corduroy collars.


Merino Wool Baseball Collar Pullover- $62.30 ($129.50)
It ain't over till it's over.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

Somewhere between a henley and a baseball jacket is this thing.  Available in grey too.


Denim Chino – $69.30 ($139.50)
Claims a "modern slim fit"

Claims a “modern, slim fit”

Your guess is as good as mine on these.  Intriguing, and a bit of a mystery.  A “Denim” chino that’s a cotton/poly/acrylic blend that looks like it’s got some tweed like marling going on, then gets all selvage like with the up-turned cuffs.


Merino V-Neck Sweater – $41.30 ($89.50)
More blues and greys

More blues and greys

Most likely a good quality basic at a more than fair price.  Careful though, haven’t seen these in person and Club Monaco V-necks can sometimes dip pretty deep.  Standard colors seem to have the largest size selection.


Peak Lapel Knit Blazer – $83.30 ($169.50)
Trap shooting in peaks

Shacket?  Clazer?  Blardigan?

Between the knit construction and ultra-chopped looking length (or lack thereof), this is going to feel more like a dressed up cardigan than a true blazer.  Cotton w/ two-button cuffs.


Brown Herringbone Trousers – $83.30 ($225)
Anyone use the term "slacks" anymore?

Anyone use the term “slacks” anymore?

Wool with a 33″ inseam (sorry to all the long legs out there.)  Had a matching jacket that goes with it, but those are gone.


Trekking Jacket – $55.30 ($269)
Enough dark stuff in this sale?

Enough dark stuff in this sale?

Kidding.  Just waking up your retinas.


French Terry Baseball Zip-Up – $62.30 ($129.50)
Nap time.

Weekend couch surfing uni.

A basic for sure, but something a more-casual type can turn to if he doesn’t want to screw with a big shawl collar sweater like the one at the top of the page.  French terry cotton with another baseball collar.


Kennedy Patch Pocket Trouser – $34.30 ($119.50)
A mini would you wear it?

A mini “would you wear it?”

Uh oh.  Slim cargos.  But the pockets are right there on the top of the thighs.  So would you?


Bergen Suede Glove – $13.30 ($89.50)
Can't imagine these'll last long.

Can’t imagine these’ll last long.

Careful, these run about a half a size small.  Only large available at post time, and the medium shown here was way too tight and is headed back on a return.  $90 seems steep, but $13.30 is stupid cheap.  Buried because the default thumbnail was of the electric blue cobalt pair.  The pic for the brown on the Club Monaco website doesn’t even appear to be correct, instead showing a grained leather glove.


Downing Weekender – $209.30 ($450)
Up there price, but the luxury is there.

Up there price, but the luxury is there.

That’s not canvas, that’s suede.  Not a bad price for that.  Only if they made a briefcase version.  Listed dimensions work out to 3500 cubic inches of space.  That’s quite a bit.


The award for most unfortunate product name goes to: HW Carter Jerkin Vest – $132
Realll mature.

Realll mature.

And you thought Sydney in “I love you man” was particular about… y’know, nevermind.

The extra 30% off Club Monaco sale items code COZYUP30 expires on Friday 1/8/13.