Giltalert: Batch o’ Knots for $15

Been awhile since GILT got a mention.

Link Up Knot Ball Cufflinks – $15.00 ($65)

Part of the “White Collar Style” sale in the accessories section.  Sale ends Wednesday night.

UPDATE.  Annnnd they’re all sold out.  Got a favorite set of cufflinks, or just a favorite pair?  Feel free to leave that and where you acquired them in the comments.

knot ball cufflinks

Got this set* well over a year ago.  Like em’.   Use em’.  Seems like a good deal, especially if you’re sitting on some GILT credits.  They have all the standard solid colors you’d want, plus more than a few striped options.  They’re made from rayon and feel nice and strong.  Not too big in the least, but they grip enough to prevent sliding out and letting your cuffs hang.  Of course, you could always go to eBay and get 5-million of these things shipped from China for cheap, but if you’d rather go through a more reputable seller, these aren’t a bad option in the least.

*NOTE: The brand, pic, and # of links is exactly the same.  So, this is an assumption that they’re the same exact set.