Style Debate: The Ugly Sweater Party

Is it time to stop doing these things?

The case AGAINST ugly sweater parties: 
 Because the namesake required attire will almost certainly be itchy, bulky, and yes, hideous.  Of course, 100% participation by all guests will never be reached.  At least one, two, or HALF of the invitees will show up wearing something perfectly normal, with an excuse ready to go.  And then it’s awkward.   Meanwhile, there’s the women.  Have we not all seen otherwise gorgeous women reduced to Great-Aunt Delores replicas during these things?  Isn’t life too short to shroud these beacons of feminine beauty in bedazzled reindeer vests and holly emblazoned mock-turtlenecks?  On any other night these babes drip with class & sex.   Now they’re seeping Metamucil.  For the love of all things good and pure, kill the ugly sweater party.  DO IT FOR THE WOMEN.

The case FOR ugly sweater parties:  Whoa.  If the way you look is so carefully cultivated on a daily basis that you can’t bring yourself to wear something ugly for a few hours, then you might actually need to attend an ugly sweater party.  Otherwise, you’re holding onto this dressing-well-thing a little too tight.  They’re undeniably hilarious, cheap to pull off (thanks thrift stores), and any reason to throw a party is almost always a good one.  So have another glass of eggnog, fire up the ol’ musical necktie, and enjoy yourself.

Your turn guys. Do Ugly Sweater parties have to go?  Leave your take in the comments.  Top Photo: Dennis Crowley

Mizzle Chrizzle!”  via Buzzfeed.