Rank Em’ – Best/Worst Catalogs

We've come a long way from the outhouse.

Thanks to the internet (and bathroom tissue technology) catalogs aren’t as popular as they were back in the phone-book sized Sears Roebuck days.  But they still have their place (even in the bathroom, although they get treated a bit better now thanks to Mr. Whipple’s favorite product).  Some of us even look forward to a few of these things, while other catalogs leave us collectively wondering why they waste the paper.

The best catalogs are nothing less than marketing & commercial art, while others are so bad, they might be a liability to the retailer’s goal of selling you something.  But which is which to you?

It’s pretty unfair* to compare a weekly circular with a once a month or season catalog, so know that you can pick three favorites below.  Those that lack votes, well, we all see where that’s going.  But getting to pick three gives each, no matter how often they’re delivered, a decent shake to get some votes.  Mailers that are two, maybe three pages and just there to carry coupons were left off (still like those though).  Write-ins & analysis are welcome in the comments.

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*It’d be really unfair to include the Victoria’s Secret catalog.  Sorry ladies… you can be on CBS, but not on this ballot.