Win it: The form•function•form Shell Cordovan Weekender

And yes, the watch itself is included.
form•function•form Button-Stud Weekender – $56$80 w/ DapsToDappered

Regularly $70 – $100 at full price.  20% off code expires in one week and is good on all FFF products.  

Imagine if the tires on your car were worth more than the rig itself.

Okay, well some of us actually have that scenario (it ain’t rusted through, those are just speed holes), but imagine that same car is good looking enough that almost everyone wouldn’t mind driving it.  That’s sort of what’s going on here. Only instead of being barely noticeable like a car’s tires, the watch bands on the new button-stud weekender from form•function•form will grab the eyeballs of any passing watch fan.

FFF “Night” weekender w/ Shell Cordovan band in Brandy.  Studs coordinate with the color of the case.

Instead of a traditional buckle, FFF instead chose to go with the more utilitarian looking button stud attachment.  You end up with less metal, and a smoother look.  It’s easy to adjust how long the strap wears since the stud is attached by way of a matching, rounded off flat-head screw on the underside.

With four watch dial colors and twelve, count em’ twelve band options, you could spend more than a minute or two playing around with which dial/strap options you like the best.  There’s also a few options in Horween’s Shell Cordovan, which on the look & feel matrix manages to marry wet glass & caramel.  Insanely smooth, plenty soft.

Each watch comes nicely presented, and the original Timex nylon strap is included.  If you just want the strap and would rather skip the watch?  FFF has you covered.

Win it:  Enter here to win this FFF Button-Stud Weekender with “night” dial, corresponding button stud, and the Brandy Horween Shell Cordovan watchband.  One entry per person.  Deadline is 11:59pm ET 11/27/12.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Justin X. who won the Button-Stud Weekender in shell cordovan.  Thanks again to FFF!