Win it: Bespoke Post’s “Slate” Box

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Bespoke Post November 2012: “Slate” – $45.00

For $45 per box, Bespoke Post will deliver to your door a “box of awesome” once a month.  Inside you’ll find hand selected items curated for a guy like you.  You can skip any box you want or cancel at any time.  Click here for more.

Mrs. Dappered:  “You bought one of these for yourself right?”
Me: “Yep.  Got one on the way for us too.”
Mrs. Dappered: “Good.”

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  So is a woman’s… as long as you please her retinas along the way.  If you’re pursuing, your potential mate wants to see a little effort.  They might really like funyuns, but opening up a bag of those is a weak excuse for a night-in snack.  Not only does the Slate box from Bespoke Post up the visual factor, the tastes are going to be big and far from frilly.  A batch of lavender macaroons this ain’t.

Oil, salami… the makings of a fine evening in.

Handcrafted Italian salami.  Smokey Okra that are soaked in a paprika brine.  Artisan olive oil plus a barrel-aged balsamic vinegar old enough to vote (pair these two with slices of a local country or Italian style bread).  And for her (or his) sweet tooth, peanut brittle from the Buffalo Trace Bourbon distillery.  All big flavors hand selected to tangle well with each other.

Forget presenting these goods on an old chipped plate you got at the thrift store.  The physical foundation of your box is a plenty-large piece of slate from Brookyln Slate Co.  If purchased solo, you’d shell out $41 once shipping is tacked on for this beast.  It even comes with a piece of chalk so you can label what’s what.  Four cork corner rounds will prevent the slate from scratching your furniture.

This box is heavy in both flavors and sheer mass.  While weight doesn’t always = great, in this case it certainly does. Now if you happen to be crap in the kitchen, don’t be scared.  You get all the looks and taste in one box, and you’ll never have to so much as turn on the oven before diving in.

Enter here to win Bespoke Post’s “Slate” Box. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET on 11/22/12.

UPDATE:  Congrats to Nicholas Z. who won this month’s box from Bespoke Post.  Thanks to all who entered!