Win it: A free night at a Radisson

Hotel Room > A holiday stay at the in-laws.
Radisson celebrates their 50th w/ 50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms.

“We can just stay at my parents place.”

Oh.  Lord.

That doesn’t usually fit into the “how to take a vacation and enjoy it” plan.  It happens a lot around this time of year.  So when Radisson offered up a free room for giveaway with no goofy strings attached, it seemed well worth passing along to you guys.  Especially being that this is the weekend before the holidays get underway.

  • The following are all things you DO NOT HAVE TO DO to enter: “Like” Radison Hotels on Facebook.  Like Dappered on Facebook.  Like Dappered in general.  Hand over your email address to Radisson.  Hand over your blood type to Dappered.  Do a headstand.  Describe why you are more deserving to win a night at a hotel instead of some other poor soul who’s also been damned to sharing that dusty spare room with other relatives.   Prove that you can crisply fold a fitted sheet.  Know all of the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne.
  • Here’s what you do have to do to enter: Fill out this contest entry form right over here.  (Update:  Entries are closed)

See?  Simple.  Big points to Radisson for not making anyone jump through hoops.

The voucher doesn’t expire until one year from being issued, so you certainly don’t have to use it this holiday season. If there isn’t a Radisson in the city where you’re headed for the holidays and you win, consider it a great excuse to go off and explore somewhere new (“but we won a free room!“).  And as always, Dappered isn’t getting paid nor is anyone receiving any personal benefit on our end for running this.  Just trying to help you guys out with a big assist from the good people at Radisson.  A one night break in a hotel room can be a sanity life raft.

Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET on 11/18/12.  More daily chances to win at the Radisson FB page.  Good luck! 

UPDATE:  Congrats to Christina W. who won the random drawing for the Radisson room.  Thanks to all who entered!