Smell the Glove – Best affordable gloves fall/winter 2012

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Note:  Do not smell, or make someone smell your glove in public.

Like sunglasses and coats, a pair of sport style ski-gloves will look out of place in many (read: most) situations.  So while it’s good to have a pair of  gore-tex mitts for the slopes and snowball fights, reach for a less technical looking pair for those trips to work and out on the town.

When it comes to sizing, know that not all gloves come in the standard Small, Medium, Large, XL range.  Plenty are sized by the circumference of the wearer’s hand.  More specifically, around the part where your hand’s knuckles are.  A size 9 = a 9″ circumference around the knuckles.  If you don’t have a tailor’s measuring tape, take a piece of printer paper and wrap the shorter end around that part of your hand.  We all know that the short side is 8.5″, which is usually right between medium & large.  That should give you a ballpark idea as to how big you should go.

Belted: Nappa Leather – $47.01 or Quilted – $52.36 w/FALLSALE12

No surprise that Polo has a few decent options.

Both by Polo Ralph Lauren and both a part of their now extended fall sale.  An extra 15% comes off with the FALLSALE12 code.  RL seems to do a real nice job in designing their gloves.  Each is lined, with the plainer Nappa Leather getting the thinsulate treatment.  A warning… RL gloves have run a little tight in the past.  Had to size up from a Medium to a Large for these to fit my average sized hands.


The Just Different Enough: BOSS Check/Plaid Lined – $51.00 w/ HOLIDAYFF

Originally $85. Ships free too.

Just a few subtle details are changed on these.  Instead of the usually triple top stitch, these limit the seams to two running from the wrist up to the fingers.  The check/plaid lining is a nice touch as well.  Embossed logo at the wrist so it won’t be too noticeable.  Currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s, and take an extra 20% off with the code HOLIDAYFF.  They’re also running a free shipping promotion too, with no code required.  Code expires on 11/12, with free shipping expiring 11/11.  Also available in black.


Sleek & Simple: Calvin Klein Snap Wrist Gloves –$32.50 ($65)

Maybe not the toughest things?

Part of the CK 50% off gloves/hats/scarves thing they have going on through today.  Bit of a grain to the leather but not quite pebbled.  No stitching on the backs of the hands, but a snap closure cinch at the wrist.


The Wool Tops: Allen Edmonds Wool & Leather Glove in Black or Brown – $58.00

“Reach out… I’ll be there”

Donnegal-like tweed on the brown pair complete with flecks of yellow and orange in the mix.  A plainer charcoal/black wool on the topside of the black option.  Both are “imported”.  Both ship free thanks to the Allen Edmonds free shipping no minimum policy.  (A similar, sleeker option, would be the Banana Republic Leather & Felt  glove for $65.  That works out to $45.50 if you can get em’ at 30% off.)


The Really Tweed Gloves: Lands’ End Harris Tweed Gloves – $27.99 w/ LOVEWINTER1 & 1012

Retail is $80.

Herringbone Harris Tweed from Lands’ End. Target makes a cheap-o version and if memory serves, they usually sell those for around $20, but they’re not online quite yet.  These have been kicking around on the Lands’ End site for about a year, have 100% wool tweed tops, and deerskin palms.  LOVEWINTER1 and 1012 takes 30% off and they ship free.  Credit to Elli in the comments for that.  Meanwhile, Ben in the comments wasn’t a fan.  Check out his comment before ordering.


The Light Sheepskin: Grandoe Sheepskin Gloves in Copper/Black – $54.00 ($125)

The light color glove dark horse

Was just going for $45 instead of $54, so might be worth hanging out for another sale.  Sheepskin exterior, black topstitch detail, and lined with a wool/nylon cashmere blend.


Drivers:  John W. Nordstrom Driving Gloves – $69.50

“My hands are a little dirty.” “So are mine.”

Driving gloves, a favorite of peacocks, aren’t completely played out everywhere.  Helps if you have a car that requires you to drive it more than it drives you.


Shearling: Aston Leather Made in the USA Gloves – $71.96 w/ ALPUMPKIN2

Shades of Bane.

Fur’s on the inside.  One reviewer said they’re not that warm, which is surprising being that shearling usually is.  Four color options to pick from.   The 20% off Code ALPUMPKIN2 is good for 20% off anything at Sierra Trading Post and expires today.


The I-Don’t-Want-Leather option: Topman Striped Gloves – $20.00

Cow free.

Twenty bucks isn’t cheap for a pair of acrylic/poly/wool knit gloves, but they do ship and return free, have some speckling to them, and come with the stripes.  Available through who is now selling Topman stuff.


The These-are-all-wussy-gloves gloves: Bison Leather – $23.99


More of a work glove than anything, but most likely tougher than anything else here.  Lined or unlined.


The Would-you-wear-its: Abboud Combo gloves in black – $40 or black & brown – $55.20

Different for sure.

The black pair are a leather and suede combo, with the black and brown pair being all leather.  Traditional triple top stitch on the backs with a real small Abboud logo at the wrist.

Where did you get your favorite pair of gloves?  Other suggestion for where to buy a good pair?  Is this another thing to head back to the Army/Navy surplus store for?  Leave it all in the comments…