Day off and looking ahead

Plus an incentive for coming back to Dappered tomorrow.

Top Photo Credit: Matthew Black

This is the calm before the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday storm.  And there are plenty of other things that are getting ready to fire off next week:

  • The Monthly Best Bets for $75 or Less
  • A potential giveaway/review trifecta that’ll cover wrist, commute to work, and gut needs.
  • How To Spend It suggestions for this (thanks to Scott and tsb_dc for the style tips)
  • A Black Friday roundup, plus keeping an eye out for early Cyber Monday deals.
  • A helpful or horrendous style debate
  • One offered without comment that could burn your retinas
  • In-person testing of one option for cleaning up a pilling sweater.

Meanwhile, if you’re headed somewhere in the next month or so (or beyond) and would appreciate a little help with the holidays accommodations cluster, you might wanna stop back this way tomorrow.

Just sayin’.

Here’s looking at you… weekend.