Target Men’s Wardrobe Sale – The Picks

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20% off Men’s at Use code TGT20MEN

Code is good from 10/11 – 10/13.  Sale goes live to general public on 10/14 and lasts through 10/20.

JC Penney and Target have stepped up.  JC Penney had the spotlight last week (and a little yesterday, if you want to call that a spotlight) but now Target goes front and center with their very first ever Men’s Sale.  It’s online, you’ll need the code TGT20MEN for 20% off, and it should go live to the general public on Sunday.

Earlier this year an attempt was made to assemble an entire outfit from just Target stuff.  And it was pretty successful.  Since then they’ve introduced a bunch of worthwhile items with house-names like Mossimo and Merona carrying the bullseye banner.  It’s not surprising that almost all of the items below come in under $50, so know that you’ll have to consider shipping costs if you’re only looking at one or two items.  At least the free shipping appears to kick in on the total before you apply the code.  All sizes below are medium or 32×30 unless otherwise noted.

Merona Kensington Unstructured Blazer – $31.99 ($39.99)

Size medium on both of these.

 Medium weight chino that’s totally unstructured, which means there’s no shoulder-pads whatsoever and it’s completely unlined.  A go-to casual blazer for plenty.  Hard to find the light grey or the pinstripe options in store, but they’re online along with the standard navy and khaki.  Button stance is right on.


Mossimo Corduroys – $19.99 ($24.99)

White socks… WHITE SOCKS alert.

Easily the best pair of sub-$20 cords out there… not that there’s a lot of those flying around, but still.  Not the thickest things, but they’re cut well, the wale is small, and they’re comfortable.  5 pocket style.  Good range of fall colors.


Mossimo 5-Pocket Twill – $19.99 ($24.99)

Also 5 colors available.

Meanwhile, in the non-corduroy department… same pants, only in medium weight twill.  Casual with some brighter colors.  One minor drawback worth pointing out on these and the cords:  The pockets dip a little low.  Hardly noticeable since they blend in, and you can’t complain too much for $20 with a fit this good, so… yeah.  But still.  Be aware.


Merona Quilted Jacket – $27.99 ($34.99)

Lots of potential for $28.

Cripes that’s cheap.  Even cheaper than the new quilted option from jcp, which looks a little blank and cascading to some.  This one is cut a bit shorter and has snap equipped pockets on the exterior.  Back slits too.  Fit is unknown.  Looks like this one has more of a stand up mock style collar.  Reminiscent of the jackets that Polo has been putting out the last few years.


Merona Men’s Peacoat – $51.99 ($64.99)

Lined, filled, and should be warm.

Surprisingly thick for a budget peacoat.  Nothing crazy on this one, just the standard peacoat look.  Could be a little longer though.  See that small bit of beige sticking out from the bottom on the left side?  That’s the tip of the Kensington blazer.  Collar is real wide and seems to stand up decently well.  62% wool with almost all of the rest being poly (4% “other”).  It’s got a layer of insulation in there too, so it’s far from flimsy and should do a decent job of keeping someone warm.  Not super fitted, but not enourmously boxy either.  Somewhere inbetween.  Size shown here is a medium and wasn’t too tight over the blazer.  4 colors available.


Merona Sweatshirt-Style Shawl Collar – $18.39 ($22.99)

Has some subtle, ribbed side panels.

It’s a pullover, and it’s a 60% cotton/ 40% poly soft sweatshirt-like blend.  Don’t size down here.  That’s a small and I could barely get the damn thing on.  So stick with your normal size.  It’ll have a little more room than something super slim fitting, but if you’re going for a hooded-sweatshirt upgrade, you’ll still be well on your way.


Merona Everyday Shirt – $18.39 ($22.99)

As good as their ultimate dress shirt. Only in a casual fabric.

The new jcp poplins are good.  These seem to fit a little bit closer and move better.  But the key is sizing down.  Proof here with a size small on my 5’10” 165 – 170lb frame.  Now the OCBDS… jcp wins there.  So if you want something thicker, skip the Target version of the oxford cloth button down and instead go with the new jcp brand at JC Penney.


Merona Ultimate Dress Shirts / Merona Long Sleeve Shirts – $18.39 ($22.99)

Look at em’.  Look at those nice substantial collars.

This is confusing.  A limited selection of these shirts are labeled as Merona’s “Ultimate Dress Shirt” while others aren’t.  Yet those that don’t get the “ultimate” moniker sure look like they’re from that well-liked line.  Some evidence:

Maybe they’re just phasing out the word “ultimate.”  Here’s to hoping all of these shirts have the Merona Ultimate Dress Shirt’s good characteristics, like the better than average fit, nice sized collars, and surprisingly good fabric feel for a 40% poly shirt.  At the very least, the railroad grey seen here is available.


Target Merona Striped Rugby – $19.99 $24.99

Not bad for two dozen dollars.

A terrific budget rugby.  Four color/stripe options available, and while they don’t have the same details as the Lands’ End Canvas French Terry rugby, these have a great fit (size shown = medium) and seem to hold up well.


Meronal Long Sleeve Thermal Henely – $13.59 ($19.99)

Basic fall layer.  Size shown = small.

Some guys are henley guys, some guys aren’t henley guys.  These come in that long-underwear like thermal waffle pattern.  Stripes are nice though.  Consider sizing down.  Size shown here is a small.


Mossimo 60/40 Cotton poly blend marled t-shirt – $7.99 (9.99)

Athletic fit and plenty durable.

Another personal favorite and proof that a little poly every once in awhile isn’t all bad.  No need to size down here since these are their athletic fit cut, which is darn near perfect for most of us.  A great free-shipping-balance-tipper if you need one.


Merona “Trey” Suede Chukka Boots – $31.99 $39.99

Not bad for thirty bucks.

First featured earlier this year, and after wondering about their durability, plenty of guys hit the comments section to say that theirs were holding up decently well?  Reviews online aren’t great.  Great shape, suede is okay, they’re comfortable enough, and the price is obviously affordable.  They won’t feel amazing, but they’ll get the job done if you want a suede chukka for less than a few pizzas.  Also available in grey (called the Ethan) but the the chunky black sole doesn’t look so hot on those in person.  Probably best to stick with this rich tan color if you’re willing to risk it.


Merona Raleigh Penny Loafer – $31.99 ($39.99)

Cow free.

All right vegans.  We know you’re out there.  The uppers on these are synthetic and honestly… despite the not so great look of them on… they’re not half bad.  They feel like they’re at LEAST a fifty dollar shoe (sorry).  Full honesty:  They don’t look half bad from a few feet up.  So unless you plan on wearing them on your hands, you should be good.  Seemed to lean a touch small but most will probably find them true to size.


Merona Dopp Kit – $7.99 ($9.99)

Closes and everything.

So you’re the type that doesn’t want to keep using zip-lock bags to store your stuff in when you travel, but you can’t understand why anyone would spend more than $20 on a dopp kit.  Now you don’t have to spend more than $10.  Canvas exterior and lined in poly.  10.5″ x 6″ x 2″


C9 by Champion Sleeveless Workout Tee – $7.99 ($9.99)

Attention Target Shoppers… welcome to the gun show.

Been using these for awhile.  Comes in a nice and trim fit without heading into compression territory.  Awfully durable too.  For more on C9 by Champion, head on over to our man Sabir’s site MensStylePro for a full feature.  Another item that’s worth picking up if you’re in need and close to that free shipping $50 threshold.

The 20% off men’s at Target code TGT20MEN is set to expire 10/13, which at that point the sale will go live to everyone.