Style Poll: sportcoat, sport coat, sports coat, or sports jacket

Is it possible to settle on one?

There are differences between the three types of non-outerwear jackets that men wear.  And thanks to the “smart casual” trend of the last 10 years, the popularity of cotton, corduroy, and tweedy wool sportcoats is at a high point.

Or is it sport coats?
Or sports coats?
Sports jacket?

Sure we’re splitting sartorial hairs here, but if you think terminology doesn’t mean anything to many a man who pays attention to style, just go ahead and call a shirt with buttons down the front a “button down” even though it has no buttons at the collar points.  (In certain higher strung circles, Wharrgarbling ensues.)  That, and it honestly helps to have some consistency here on the website.

So, let’s decide this once and for all.  The hell do you call one of these things?

What do you call it?

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