Making the most of The Daily Hookup’s Bluefly Deal

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The Daily Hookup deal:  Pay $75, get $150

NOTE: Use code FAMILY at Bluefly for an extra 20% off their prices through 10/17/12.  Try SHIP100 too.

Here’s the bad news first:  You’ve got to spend, at minimum, $75.  You can’t use this Daily Hookup voucher until you’re ready to purchase at least $150 worth of goods from Bluefly, and then once you apply the voucher, it gets knocked down to $75.  But the very good news is that Bluefly is running a friends & family sale right now and the code FAMILY takes an additional 20% off their prices, and you can then stack that voucher on top at checkout.  Got all that?  So 20% off with the code, then $75 off $150 with that voucher.

It does appear that you need to create a Bluefly account (nothing more than basic info) to use that voucher once you get to payment.  And one more thing…  the code SHIP100 might give you free standard shipping if you’re using a voucher, since you’ll have to be over $150 for the voucher to activate and SHIP100 applies pre code.  (Update:  Might not let you use two codes at once).  Prices below in red are post code and voucher.  Prices in the parenthesis are what you’d pay without the voucher but with the code.  Plenty of combinations are necessary to tip that $150 balance so you can use your $75 off $150 deal.  Onward.

Joseph Abboud Gloves + Zegna Khaki Wool Scarf = $91.40 ($166.40)

You’d think they’d find a way to match that touch finger.

Here’s a breakdown of this first combination:

  • The scarf was $148 but with the extra 20% off FAMILY code it comes down to $118.40.
  • The Abboud gloves were $60, but now come down to $48 with that 20% off.
  • Add $118.40 + $48 and that = $166.40, which is obviously north of the $150 “must spend” threshold.
  • Chop the $75 off, and you get the price in red, $91.40 for both if you use the code FAMILY and the Daily Hookup voucher.

So a Zegna scarf and tech ready pair of gloves for just over $90.  Make sense?  Sorta?  You can also get a dark combo, with a black pair of gloves and a different Zegna scarf in black for the same price.


Hilfiger Charcoal Plaid – $164.20 ($239.20) OR Charcoal Windowpane – $109.79 ($184.79)

Unbeatable if you like Hilfiger trim fits.

No combos needed here.  Just one Hilfiger suit will get you the price needed.  If you like Hilfiger trim fits and don’t mind their stronger shoulders, then these are going to be a steal.  Sizes are all over the place, but at post time the plaid worsted on the left had 36, 38 and 42 but no 40 sizes.  The charcoal on the right had 40R and up mostly.  Best to just head to their suiting section and search by your size.


Joseph Abboud Black+Brown Gloves + Paul Smith Card Case = $96.20 ($171.20)

Slightly funky on both counts.

Paul Smith stuff isn’t cheap.  Retail for that lil’ ol card case is $205, and they do actually sell for that.  With the code and the voucher you get a pair of gloves and the card case for half the retail price of just the card case.  Gloves with their black and brown leather won’t flip everyone’s skirt, nor will the card case with the bright stripes.


Persol Acrylic & Metal Aviator + Trafalgar Card Case = $80.20 ($155.20)

Was running $194 for the pair before the code & voucher

Eighty for… well that’s just dumb.  Gloriously dumb.


Persol Folding Sunglasses – $75.40 ($150.40)

Not quite McQueen’s color.

Was $188.  The extra 20% off code drops them to the perfect price of $150.40.  Subtract your $75 off voucher and there you have it.  A warning, these are pretty damn big.


Persol Folding Sunglasses in Havana – $123.40 or Brown – $155.40 

Just missing the blue lenses.

Not nearly as cheap as the black foldables, but still, pretty incredible prices for these two after you use the voucher.


Harrison Cashmere V-Neck  + Portolano cashmere Scarf$86.60 ($202)

Sweater claims a “modern” fit.

Both of these claim to be 100% cashmere.  That’s $111.20 for the sweater and $50.40 for the scarf respectively after the 20% off code is applied and before the $75 from your voucher gets taken off.  Multiple color options for both the sweater and the scarf seem to be available.


Mezlan Suede Split toe + OP Mint Green Belt$78.39 ($153.39)

Cool weather casual potential?

Ignore the belt, it’s just a balance tipper.  And usually not a fan of the split toe stitching, but it seems to work here on the chocolate suede lace-ups from Mezlan.  Shoes also availabe in black or Cognac leather.


Ray Ban New Wayfarer & Caravan Aviator$108.20 ($183.20)

Caravans are a silly $93 pre voucher.

Each of these are right around $90, so you can obviously pick out something else in that $60ish pre-voucher range to tip the balance.  But if you want to upgrade your sunglasses, you’d be hard pressed to find a better duo than these two for just north of $100.

The extra 20% off code FAMILY expires at 5:30 A.M. EST on 10/18/12.  The Bluefly deal from the Daily Hookup appears to be available for purchase until 10/24/12.  Looks like you are on the hook for returns.