Quick Picks: Bluefly’s Semi-Annual Blue Sale

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Bluefly is a weird one.  They’re an online outlet that’s sort of fun to virtual window shop, but often times they carry such high end names that even their markdowns are too expensive for most.  Their semi-annual “Blue Sale” just launched, and while there are a few needles, it’s one massive haystack.  Or… diamonds in a massive rough.  Diamond needles in a big rough made of haystacks.  There must be a links course in Scotland somewhere in which that could be a possibility.  Right.  Free shipping kicks in at $75.  Oddballs below:

Joseph Abboud Super 150s Canvassed in Grey Plaid – $370.99 ($795)

Only if Abboud would make a slim fit line.

150s?  The higher the number traditionally means the fineness of the wool increases, and that’s pretty fine if it’s not a typo.  Sometimes that’s not the best thing.  Should feel drastically smoother than, say, the rougher textured J. Crew Factory Thompson’s fabric.  Description claims that this is canvassed with “lightly constructed shoulders.”  They do admit it’s a classic fit, so… be warned.  Made in the USA.  Sizes are getting a bit limited.


Joseph Abboud Grey Super 110s Lora Piana Canvassed Suit – $370.99 ($795)

Traditional fit again. Drat.

Again, it’s a classic fit.  Damn.  If it was a modern fit like Suit Supply, it’d certainly be worth taking a long look at it for most of us.  Made in the USA, again claims to be canvassed, and made of wool from the Italian company Lora Piana.


Hilfiger Wool/Linen Suits: Blue Stripe – $215.99 | Rum Brown Plaid – $215.99

Sizes for both start at 40R

52% wool and 48% linen, which has the potential to be a real nice mix (see the BR suit from early summer.)  These didn’t seem to trickle down into most Macy’s, so never got a chance to see them in person.  Not sure on whether or not the shoulder pads are as strong as their standard trim fit wool suiting line.  They said “lightly padded” shoulders… but… well, y’know.  Fused of course.  Awfully cheap for a wool linen mix.


Gitman Bros. Burgundy Knit Tie – $25.59 ($98)

Solid price for the quality.

Silk knit tie, made in Italy, in a much more easy on the eyes than Fire-Engine-Red burgundy.  Should do real well under all sorts of sweaters come fall, as well as a way to liven up some darker/colder business ready suits.


 Tailor Vintage Stone Beach Print Under-Cuff Chino – $34.39 ($118)

Not for everybody.

You obviously don’t have to wear the pants with the cuffs flipped up.  The brand has gotten some play on Gilt in the past.


All Gloves Tan Nappa Leather Gloves – $66.00 ($110)

Palms are sweating just thinking about these.

These’ll drop in price, but for now (and for once) they’re actually available in the lighter tan in most sizes.  The usual triple stitched tops can be boring on black or dark brown gloves, but in this case, the color is so light that an expected detail keeps em’ anchored.  Not cheap.  Cashmere lined.  Made in Italy and really well reviewed.


Puma TT Super CC Sneakers – $39.00 ($65)

I believe the word for these “kicks” is “fly”?

For those who think PF Flyers and Jack Purcells are just a little too boring, but don’t want to go all Reebok Pump on their downtime.  Has some suede accents, love that sole, and they have a squishy soft look to em’.  Note:  The suede at the toe is asymmetrical, so, take a look at the above view before you make any decisions.


Marc New York ‘Nigel’ Leather Jacket – $358 (but $299 in limited sizes at Wilson’s) ($595)

Claims to be lambskin at the Wilson’s website.

Looks pretty beefy for an entry-level type of leather moto jacket.  Great lines and reinforcement patches / seams.  Collar is a bit of a stand up, so unlike a lot of moto or cafe style leather jackets, it won’t give you that awkward band-collar shirt look.  Closure tab looks like it was pulled too tight in the Bluefly pics since it’s dangling there awkwardly.  Like: “Roll the hose up when you’re done with it” awkwardly.  Doesn’t look that way over at the Wilson’s leather site, where you can get the same jacket (perhaps?) for just under $300.  Limited sizes there though.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Navy Pinstripe Cotton Blend Blazer – $143.99 ($428)

A little out there.

Careful here.  This one has some landmines.  It looks awfully chopped, which might be nice if you’re on the shorter side.  51% cotton, 44% ramie, 5%… metal?  Wait.  Metal?  What in the world.


The 401K Killer: Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 17 – $3995.00 ($6,600)

Sorry Junior.  No tuition money for you this semester.

I don’t think I could ever personally be comfortable walking around with four grand strapped to my wrist.  But wouldn’t most of us at least like to give it a try?  This again begs the question:  If you’ve got enough cash on hand to drop four grand on a watch… are you really waiting around for a $6,600 watch to go on sale?  It’s like a millionaire clipping a coupon for 30% off a $295 burger.  There must be a level in which the wealthy reach “peak rich” and they don’t look for deals anymore.

Sale ends at 5:30 AM on 8/22/12.  Free shipping at $75, and be warned – it’s a bit of a time suck for browsing.