In Person: American Eagle’s New Wool Blend Blazers

Can these two fight their way to the top of the under $100 heap?

American Eagle Wool Mix Blazer in Charcoal or Navy – $99.95

The interior locker loop tag calls it “The Legendary Blazer”, which is interesting since this is nothing like a classic navy wool blazer.   These are unique.  Without much structure at all, and at 50% wool / 50% poly, it’s a casual flannel/tweedy-feeling sport coat that has real potential for plenty but won’t work for others.

The fabric feels like a thinner version of L.L. Bean Signature’s flannel suiting fabric.  Has some texture, some scratch, and would be (ahem, was) hell to wear in August.  On a cool October or cold November day on the other hand, it’d be awesome.

There’s hardly any padding in the shoulders, but the fit’s somewhat boxy (size shown: Medium).  The sides will certainly need to be brought in and sculpted.  Sizing down would be tough since the arms are  so trim in circumference that you’ll get squeezed if you have any arm muscle.  The tail, while not chopped, isn’t overflowing either, so that’s another knock against sizing down.  Sleeve buttons are non functional but there’s accent stitching around them.  The designers did leave an inch and a half between button and cuff edge, so sleeves should be able to be brought up for those of us with shorter arms.  Center vent on both of them.

Branding is minimal, with no visible eagle logo, but instead a barely noticeable stamped “American Eagle Outfitters” around the outer edge of the buttons.  No one will see that.  As far as the buttons themselves go, they’re surprisingly thick and nice feeling.  The tan thread used is a nice touch and helps the buttons stand out.

These two have a massive amount of potential if you’re willing to invest some tailoring costs into them.  Casual, barely structured, extremely wearable and cheap = the perfect combo for those of us who spend lots of time in jeans, cords, and boots in the fall and winter.