The new sub $200 Monk Strap Champ

Made in Italy, and a steal when on sale.
In Person: Ciro Lendini Single Monkstrap Loafer – $167.00

Shuffle over Mercanti Fiorentini.  You’ve done a great job carrying the torch for sub $200, made in Italy, decent quality monk straps.  But your time has come to relinquish the title to a similar sounding brand, only this one is available through Yoox instead of DSW.

For about $20 more than the Mercanti double monk ($149.95 vs. $167 plus shipping) you get the following:

  • Thicker, better feeling leather – It’s not Allen Edmonds quality leather, but it feels sturdy enough.
  • A more solid feeling shoe overall – The buckles seem especially stronger and better made.  Double row of stitching for the cap toe is nice too.
  • A toe shape that no one can argue against – Not even a hint of chisel.  Nicely rounded, but still slim through the sides and into the toe box.
  • Slick, single monk lines – These look more dressed up than double monks thanks to the noticeable closed lacing type of stitching on the vamp.  Makes a difference.

What you don’t get, is the always available free shipping code DSW seems to provide.  While these did just dip down into the $130s during the Yoox birthday sale, it might be a while until they get discounted.  And $167 + shipping isn’t cheap.  There’s also no half sizes available.  Say you’re like me, with a 10.5 normal but slightly wide foot.  A 10 will be too small, but an 11 might slip a bit at first (there’s always heel grips).

Will be watching for sales on these for sure.  Available in a dark brown or the black shown here.  Sole is that glazed leather looking type, so not rubber.  Absolutely suit worthy, and looking forward to pairing them up with everything from jeans to worsted wool to flannel.

Just one complaint on these out of the box: The buckles had a few black stain/polish/coloring splotches on them that easily came off by fingernail, but maybe that’s a bad sign?  Will update if they self destruct.  So far, they appear to be a bargain if you can catch a sale.  Leave your take in the comments…