Steal the Style – Mougin & Piquard Chronograph

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Mougin & Piquard™ Chrono Black Dial | Silver Dial – $695.00

Boy that’s a good looking wa… SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS?!???!  Frank.  You wicked son of a gun you.  The Mougin & Piquard brand is sort of a collaboration.  J. Crew has Tourneau making these things, so they’re Swiss made, but they’re also quartz.  Which is to be expected since they’re chronographs, and automatic chronos live in the bitter territory known as Fourfiguresistan.

But plenty will think they look good.  Smooth, rounded out hour numbers towards the outside, classically placed chrono dials on the inside, and two really well done color combinations.  There just aren’t a ton of chronos out there that are this busy, but subtle at the same time.  But there are a few.  Affordable options below, plus your chance to say how much you’d pay for one of these things…

Kenneth Cole New York White Dial – $112.50| Black Dial – $76.94 ($150)

Black dial will obviously need a new strap.

Prices seem to fluctuate on these, with the floor being in the low $70s.  List is $150, but they’re always on sale via Amazon or a few other outlets.  Both chronos, both at least fulfilled by Amazon for now, and both have those pushers that really stand out.  Easily the best looking watch KCNY makes.


Citizen Eco Drive CA033 White Dial – $225.00

Unlike J. Crew’s, this never needs a battery.

Obligatory.  Just did an in person review and while the black dial won’t play here since it’s a bit of a blackout, the white dial will do more than a fine job in replicating the style of the M&P from J. Crew.  Powered by the Eco-Drive powertrain, so light provides the juice for the ticking.


Boss Black Chronograph Bracelet – $263.90 ($395) | Black Leather Chrono – $295

Watch on the left is part of the Anniv. Sale.

Through the magic of a highly sophisticated image editing program known as MS Paint, one can actually get an idea as to how a watch with a stainless bracelet or black leather band would look with a brown leather band.  You could also skip the chrono all together, and get the watch the brown leather band was digitally borrowed from, for $235.


In Poker, this is called coming over the top: Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Auto – $1175

That’ll work.

MOTHER OF PEARL.  All right, so it costs more.  But it’s no quartz.  Also comes in a silver dial / black leather band, but those are out of stock.  Suppose if you were going to drop more than a grand on a watch, you could always just get the silver dial / brown band and switch it out.

To the poll.  How much would you pay for the M&P?  Also, a question for the comments:  how much did you think these were going to cost when you saw that they were from J. Crew?  Leave that answer in the comments section…

What would you pay? J. Crew's Mougin & Piquard Chrono

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