Dappered Classics: When NOT to buy it

For those that haven't seen these yet...
Signs you should really put down that shirt/watch/suit and walk away

This has been posted as a classic before, but there’s an inordinate amount of temptation out there right now.  It’s never a bad idea to get reacquainted with the signs that tell us not to buy something.  No matter what that something is.  Originally Published 6/13/11  Above photo credit

1. You already have something similar.
2. Especially if you already have something similar and you rarely wear it.
3. You can afford it off the rack, but not if it needs tailoring.
4. You already didn’t put any money into savings this pay period because, y’know, you needed new pants.
5. You’re pretty sure it’s too big, but the salesman vehemently says it’s not.

6. Sure you can afford it, but then you won’t be able to afford to go anywhere IN it.
7. You’re pissed about something that happened at work, and you’re trying to “treat” yourself.
8. It’s full retail, just came out, and you’re completely convinced your size will go on sale.  But you don’t want to wait.
9. You have a $10 rewards card that’s about to expire, you sorta like it… and it’s $40.
10. You can’t remember the last time you bought your significant other flowers.

11. It’s from a brand you’ve had terrible luck with, but you think “this time will be DIFFERENT!
12. The shipping and return shipping is outrageously expensive.
13. You’re counting on a bonus or tax return to pay for it.
14. You don’t have any more room in your closet.
15. It’s an awesome sale.  You’ve never seen the price on that item that low.  And you’re using the sale to rationalize your purchase when otherwise… you probably wouldn’t buy it.

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