10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – June 2012

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Seventy Five dollars.  That’s a lot of money.  It’ll get you a couple pairs of Levi’s, a nice dinner out, or a couple months at your local gym.  Seventy Five dollars.  It is a lot of money, especially if you spend it right.  Ten picks follow, all for $75 or under, and some of them are much, much less.

1. Target Merona Cotton Ties – $19.99

Great looking and cheap.

Surprisingly good feeling material. The blue gingham isn’t available online, but the navy plaid is. Ignore the description that says “100% silk / 3.5″ wide.” Neither are correct. They’re cotton, and they’re in that 2.25″ – 2.5″ range. Noticeably slim, which is what you’d expect for a summery tie like these.


2. From Russia with Love – from $2.99 (instant rental)

How Goldfinger often outranks this on numerous lists is a mystery. From Russia with Love is just the second Bond movie, and while there’s a bit of camp, it winks a hell of a lot less than the average Bond flick (Goldfinger included). Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) is class, sex, and an accent rolled into one. A terrific fight scene even by today’s standards, great chemistry between Bond and the Istanbul Station Chief, and the clothes ain’t half bad either.


3.  L.E.C. Red Stripe Linen Short – $22.99 ($45) | Jackson Suede Boot – $37.99 ($95)

Both ship free with the no minimum code.

Consider this a mini feature on the recently launched Lands’ End Canvas summer sale.  Prices have plummeted.  Hugely.  And the free shipping no minimum code SUMMERSAVE and pin 2777 is a real nice bonus.  Lots of time left for those linen shorts in the red stripe.  And under $40 for well reviewed suede chukkas is also a great deal.  Code and pin expire 6/19.


4. Rag & Bone Leather Card Case in Grey or Black – $59.00 ($125)

Not a big billfold.

For those who prefer a little more space than what the average two sided card case offers, but don’t want a standard billfold either.  Nice lines, the grey color option is something different, and it’s marked down thanks to the Barney’s Designer Sale.  Ships free through June 23rd.


5.  Kenneth Cole REACTION Seersucker Sport Coat – $71.70 ($119.50)

Dark seersucker done right.

Some of these have been floating around Macy’s brick and mortar stores in a seemingly limited supply.  A real sharp looking summer evening blazer, that leans much closer to an ultra-light than a standard blazer.  Real relaxed feeling, but the color helps make it look a little more dressed up.  Great with jeans but can also be paired with a pair of leaning white chinos.  From the lower REACTION line, but at this price, that’s fine.


6. Enoteca Wine Bottle Wall Rack – $22.00 ($54)

Fill a wall. Never be thirsty.

Solid ash, holds 10 bottles, and modern without being cold looking.  Having a few bottles on hand is always a smart decision, and they’ll act as functional (read: drinkable) art.  Made in Italy and costs about what you’d expect something not nearly as good looking would cost at Target.  Sold through Gilt.


7. Bonobos Seersucker Pants – $68 ($110) & Jacket – $198 ($298)

Striped for your pleasure.

The entire suit is obviously not under $75, but the discount is worth a mention.  $266 is a great price for a seersucker suit from Bonobos.  If it’s anything like last year’s seersucker, it’ll be worth it if you’re in sweltering heat and need to be suited up.  Grey = just different enough from the classic blue, and it looks more than just fine with a light blue cotton shirt and brown shoes (or white/brown bucks.)  A ton of sizes left, a ton of time left to wear it, and Bonobos is doing a give $50 get $50 referral program (orders have to be over $100) through June 25th.


8. Wheelman & Co “The Thomas” Belt – $29.00

Made in the USA

Absolutely worth another mention.  There are plenty of web belts out there, but this one nails it all for under $30 and ships free if you order through Maxton Men.  Plenty rugged looking, just enough color, but not over the top funky.  Made in the USA.  Full store from these guys here (and they might make some of the best looking backpacks in existence), but shipping is steep.  Also available in navy through Maxton Men.  Black only available through the Wheelman & Co site.


9. Roller Rock Glass and Ice Mold – $20.95

Slightly hypnotizing.

I’d like to shake the hand of whoever came up with this.  Floor of the glass is formed so the ice ball glides around the outside edge.  Complete and utter hat tip to Cool Material for picking this in their Father’s Day gift guide.  One glass and one ice mold per purchase.


10.  The Splurge:  J. Crew Sterling Bobby Pin Tie Clip – $75.00

Not for her hair, (okay, unless she really wants it.)

The classic feminine shape, subtely re-purposed in sterling silver to keep your tie in line.  1 5/8″ long and just a sixteenth of an inch wide.  It’s slim.  Real slim, and something she just might notice.  If she wants to try to put it in her hair?  Let her.

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