Style Debate: Wearing an undershirt when it’s hot

Preventer of pit stains, or useless warmth generator?

The Case FOR wearing an undershirt:
  Men have been wearing undershirts to soak up sweat forever.  They’re your first line of defense against pit stains.  And not just the darkened, wet pit stains you get on hot days when you perspire straight through your shirt, the yellow pit stains that your sweat can leave even after a good wash.  Just go with v-necks so you can unbutton your collar or go tieless, and try to stick with grey t-shirts so you don’t have that visible line showing where the t-shirt sleeve ends under your dress shirt sleeve.

The Case AGAINST wearing an undershirt:  A cotton undershirt just doesn’t make much sense.  Aside from putting on another layer, when cotton gets wet, it stays wet.  So if you start sweating and you’ve got an undershirt on it’s curtains for your pits.  At least your dress shirt isn’t right up on your skin, so there’s more ventilation there and thus a chance your pits will dry out.  Most guys wear undershirts when it’s hot because it’s just something they’ve always done.  And as far as preventing pit stains, it’s not your sweat that’s causing those yellow stains on your shirts, it’s the aluminum in your antiperspirant.  Those who just use plain deodorant (which you’ll still sweat with, but stink less than without) don’t have that issue.  Switch to deodorant, take cool to cold showers in the morning on hot days, and lay off the caffeine.  Spend a week without undershirts and your pits will feel less like the bayou.

Your turn guys.  Do you swear by undershirts when it’s hot?  Have you tried without, then gone right back?  Or have you broken away from undershirts and never plan to return?  Leave your take below.  Top image via Nordstrom.