Style Battle: Two Kenneth Cole Watches

Higher on class and lower on kitsch.  Attaguy Kenneth.
Kenneth Cole N.Y. Silver Chronograph – $90.67 ($150)* | Rose-Gold Tone Subdial – $125

*NOTE:  The silver chrono is available via, where you can save 20% if you donate $10 to the efforts going to rebuild Haiti.

**NOTE #2: Credit to James in the comments who found it being sold direct by Amazon for $90.  As always, do factor in shipping and potential return costs.

Consider this giving credit where credit is due.  Kenneth Cole can make some really odd looking watches.  Stuff that’s so gaudy and over the top that you can’t imagine anyone actually wearing them.  But that’s not the case with these two.  They’re pretty classic looking, and they provide a real clean watch for those on an entry level budget.

The silver chronograph is all class, and it’s as retro looking as anything Kenneth Cole makes.  If anything, KCNY pushes too far on trendiness too often.  This thing looks like it was inspired by a wall clock from 1950.  Terrific font, great pushers, and a crown with texture.  Been around for awhile and here’s to hoping they don’t stop making it.

The Rose-Gold Tone is a new addition.  Plenty of white on the dial so if you’re on the fence about the rose-gold thing, it won’t be too gaudy.  Textured crown, and a perfectly proportioned & placed date dial.

Both are an as-good-as-it-gets-for-most 42mm in diameter, and yes, they’re both quartz.  Sorry zero-tolerance quartz guys.  But you’ve got to hand it to their watch design team.  This time.

Have a preference?  Vote in the comments.  And watch snobs, do hold your nose if you must.