Day off and looking ahead

Big week next week.  Small day today.

Above photo credit: Adam Baker.

It’s a duck day fellas.  Not much going on above water, but lots of paddling going on below.  Here’s what’s coming up next week:

  • Store Wars 2012 launches.  Not familiar with it?  Here’s last year.  And here’s 1/4 of the bracket for this year’s tournament to give you a taste.  Card is subject to change of course.
  • The mailbag gets a deserved attending to.
  • A “would you wear it” that features, to some, the footwear version of a cheesy gold watch.
  • Our Arts & Culture correspondent provides another addition to “The Read.”
  • A style scenario for one of the days of the year most of us look forward to.
  • You lose an hour of sleep.  No, seriously.  We “spring forward” Saturday into Sunday.

And now, the obligatory day off .gif.  Ms. Hendricks will now walk you into the weekend.  As always, thanks for reading.