Would you wear it? The Navy Plaid Cotton Blazer

Not quite black watch, and certainly not wool.
Banana Republic Tailored Fit Plaid Cotton Blazer – $138.60 w/ BRINDULGE ($198)

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Kinda looks like the holiday-riffic J. Crew Ludlow Black Watch, only this one isn’t wool, and it won’t cost you your first born.  The exterior is all cotton, and despite the up close pic on Banana Republic’s website, it doesn’t have much if any rumple to it.  It’s solid but not anchor heavy.  It’s got a slight amount of texture, so it’s not glass smooth like some of little brother GAP’s cotton blazers.  There’s plenty of blue in there and it’ll go well with jeans and chinos… light grey chinos especially.

Size Shown:  40R.  Be prepared to size up if you’re in between since this is their closest fit.

It is part of their “tailored” collection, so it’s a close enough fit that some of us between 38 and 40 will actually have to size up to the 40 to get our shoulders in comfortably.  But depending on your body type, that might mean you’ll have to spring for tailoring at the sides (that blazer above would need it…)  Buttons are non functional, but they do have that accent stitching around them.

But would you wear it?  Or is the pattern too much?  Is it too close to the holiday standard that is Black Watch?  In fairness to it, the first time I saw it in person I didn’t think: “hey Christmas!” I thought: “hey… plaid…”  Same thing was thought when this over here came out of the box.