L.E.C. Extra 20% off Clearance Sale

All sale items get an extra 20% off.  Worth a look.
Land’s End Canvas: Take 20% off Sale items + Free Shipping at $50

*NOTE:  To get the free shipping at $50 offer, you need to click through that link above, or this link here.  They provided it via their facebook page on Friday.  The Code SWEEP and pin 3025 will get you the extra 20% off, but no free shipping.  Credit to Perry for sending in the style tip.  Offer expires Tuesday 2/7

The stock room sale continues, only now… Lands’ End Canvas is taking an extra 20% off your order.  (Make sure to read the italics above for how to get the 20% off.  You have two options.)  Selections have really been picked over since the stock room sale first launched, so a little hunting had to be done.  Here’s a few of the best that’s left:

5-pocket straight fit cords in Expedition Green – $13.59 ($59.50)

Could easily be worn into spring.

Green.  It ain’t easy being it.  But if you steer clear of Kermit and Kelly green, and stick with more woodsy colors like this, you’ll be just fine.  Plenty of sizes left in this color.


Heritage Poplin in Autumn Orange Windowpane – $19.99 ($49.50)

A little blue, a little orange.

This thing looks weird on the web.  Blame the orange and blue combining at a distance.  In person, it’s pretty slick.  Button down collar and the poplin is pretty comfortable after a wash.  One of those rumpled shirts you’ll reach for to layer under a sweater or sport coat.


Refined Slim Fit Donnegal and Herringbone Chinos – $51.99 ($130)

Old School Fabric, New School Fit.

And here’s the problem.  Fifty is a fair price for sure, but is there enough time left in the winter to get a lot of work out of them?  Might be a great idea if you’re stuck in an office all day, and are sick of paper thin dress pants.


Waxed Canvas Field Jacket – $103.99 ($250)

Not wimpy, but not ugly.

Started off real expensive, but now the extra 20% off drops it to just over $100.  Ships free too.  The color is just different enough, and the layout of the pockets looks great.  It’s fully lined in corduroy so it should be decently warm.  Three reviews and they’re all pretty positive.  Sizes are going fast.


Chino Blazer – $50.39icon ($180)

$0.40 less and it'd be more.

Nice price.  Just over the free shipping threshold as long as you click through the link Lands’ End provided.  Don’t think you can’t wear this now.  A khaki color like this goes surprisingly well with black.  So layer a black v-neck over a button up shirt, put this on top, and you’re good to go (as long as you haven’t forgotten to wear pants).


Nailhead Pocket Square – $3.99 ($9.50)

Casual but not ratty.

It’s close, but it’s not quite the striped chambray pocket square that sold out in the spring.  Looks to be made from the same fabric their Oxford Blazer is made from (and on a side note, that blazer, which needs to be softened up with some wear and tailored at the sides, ain’t half bad at all for the low price).  One of those items that could come in handy if you’re close to the $50 threshold.

Remember, to get free shipping at $50 you need to use the link L.E.C. provided.  The code SWEEP and pin 3025 will get you the 20% off as well.  Offer expires Tuesday 2/7.